• Effect of thought on health

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    Oct 5

    Strong and long-term anger can increase the risk of cardio-vascular system. The latter explains why the fearful descent skiers freeze more than confident. In view of the nature of psychosomatic disorders there is nothing imaginary. Behavioral Health does not deny the influence of other factors such as heredity, diet, physical overload and toxic or contaminated environment, but adds a psychological stress, as another important factor in the disease. In both cases, constantly accumulating new evidence that positive thinking can not only help prevent the risk of disease, but also an effective aid in his rehabilitation. Why do we blush when embarrassed feel? It is a social reaction, caused by sensitivity to the opinion of others. They tend to seek short-term pleasure and ignore the long-term consequences, which leads to drinking, smoking, drug use, erratic power supply and unreasonable risk, such as the neglect of means of protection during sexual intercourse. The influence of consciousness on health and disease We found that between thoughts and emotions and between emotions and physiological reactions there initial closely related. They read the latest edition, devoted to health issues, swallow vitamins, eat healthy food, jogging and attend aerobic clubs. I’ll make him take back his words, whatever it may cost me! These thoughts cause intense emotions, complemented by appropriate physiological responses. In addition, they were more satisfied with their health, sometimes fall into dangerous situations, missed classes due to illness and had fewer problems with overeating and drug-and alcohol – an indication that they Ate a more healthy lifestyle. Why cat arches his back, oskalivaet teeth and hisses when he is at risk? In this regard, it would be strange if the thought did not affect our health. All these changes are due only anxious thoughts. Not surprisingly, among the components of constructive thinking control emotions more closely associated with susceptibility to common painful symptoms. In addition, people who think destructive, are regular customers of medical institutions. Immediately after that, his brain will respond this kind of thinking: “How dare he say that about me! People who think destructive, may not for years go to the dentist, do not worry about nutrition, nedosypat and physical activity. How can something as intangible as an idea, to influence a dense matter, as the body? What caused such a stimulation of the body? Muscle tension to mobilize their heavy load. In times of danger your body does not need an influx of energy to the organs of digestion, which supplies energy to “long acting”, in these times you need a quick burst of energy. ) You can cold sweat and feel the dryness of the mouth (because saliva – a part of the digestive process, which at that time suspended). When you interpret something as a “shameful”, the blood rushes to his face. Emotions involve physiological reactions as a preparation for certain activities. However, precisely because it is based on psychosomatic medicine. Personal superstitions also have a major impact on health issues. Those who cope poorly with their emotions, reported much more symptoms than men emotionally balanced. Disorganized people often can not cope with the habit of overeating because of poor self-discipline. Typically, holders of constructive thinking reported fewer usual painful symptoms than members of the destructive type. Rapid breathing and heartbeat give you the ability to act more vigorously. The most common cases of confusion, as I have found are caused by thoughts about what you have been on everyone’s mind in an awkward way. Well-organized people also suffer less from the painful symptoms, although somewhat inferior emotional balance. Irritation, stress, conflicts with others and sudden changes can cause a sudden change in blood sugar that can lead to diabetic coma, insulin shock and chronic complications, such as disruption of the heart, kidney disease or blindness. This is a real physiological disorders caused or exacerbated by prolonged stress, the cause of which may be maladaptive ways of thinking.

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