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    Jul 9

    Периодически consulted a doctor in St. 00. -Prevention of viral infections and ORZ. (USA). ), as well as helping to restore health or improve quality of life (in case of incurable disease) non-drug metodami. Nekotorye our events: – Weekly “School Health” on Tuesdays at 18. Petersburg areas Karelii. -Antiparasitic and antifungal programs for adults and children with a goda. New cosmetics from Germany Bremani class LUX with containing vegetable ingredients from 75% to 90% depending on sredstva. D. -effective weight loss programs. Mezhdunarodny standard of quality and safety of GMP. Preventing obesity in adults and children. Drugie our services:-Modern methods of detoxification (liver, intestines, blood, lymph), available at home conditions.

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