• True Health. The new law on health

    Jun 20

    Irina Lukyanov 30. Roditeli, out of the hospital! And the law regards him seriously discussing kazhdogo. … We’ll be healthier obyazhem! 47 OZOZ) introduced the restriction: right now the co-location with a child is given his legal representatives only if the child is “up to three years,” and if he is older than three years – that “if there is medical evidence. One gets the impression that MPs are the principle “the worse – the better. Children resist painful procedures and medical staff rebuked their intimidation and force (or refuses to conduct procedures). Seychas mainly professional societies: the insurers and physicians, as well as defenders of human rights of the family. ” Interestingly, they do so knowingly or unwittingly? In the Perm region in the past year, 17-year-old boy died in hospital because endotracheal tube ran from his mouth, and the nurse is not nobody to look after children zametila.

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