• HEALTH: You can make friends with pain

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    Dec 9

    There is no clear answer about the reasons for its occurrence, and how to treat it. Vyhodit, most of the factors – is the result of our disregard for yourself? Kakie factors can lead to back pain? – Prolonged sitting in an office, driving a car, the vibration while driving, obesity, overweight – smoking, congenital deformatsii. PSORIAZVtoraya focused sufficiently widespread disease – psoriasis. So, get up, go, run, swim – but do not sit! BOLBol in the back – a very common occurrence in the western world: according to statistics, 80% of Europeans aged 25 years are familiar with back pain. But this way is a long, painful and not always successful and is suitable in the case where no other way to start net. Moreover, you can get used to it, make friends or to stop paying attention to it, since I get rid of the annoying neighborhood does not work. Treatment of psoriasis depends on the type and stage of disease, so in each case the decision is made individually. By the way, swimming – the best for what nature can offer. The pain is different, the pain threshold as well, each his own. Pain – not the best part of the program sputnitsa. Also here are offered physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, phototherapy well established and, if necessary, and day care. Here is a definition we find: Psoriasis – a chronic relapsing skin disease characterized rizuyuscheesya rash abundantly shelushashihsya papules.

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