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    Dec 18

    The third largest group are those who have lost some health, but due to the global pohuizma to that meter, laziness, if not out of ignorance, are treated symptomatically, mainly with medication and not consistent. Your health is the sum of positive and negative factors.

    To gather together and get rid of the negative. Znaete Do you think that lack of serotonin leads to depression of the blue. But in general, the trend is that over time, the number of cured patients is not growing. And it will continue. And only when the healthful components in life will be more than the toxic, only then recovered. There is growing number of diseases and illnesses bolnyh. Conventionally, all people can be divided into several groups. This is not surprising, because it is one of the levers of world government is pursuing a policy of genocide of all non-elected people. Оздоравливающие factors: Proper nutrition, exercises, movement (Phys. Dalee I will give different healing system, which I gathered in the vast network. Ne will hypocrite, saying that the medicine does not cure anyone. Moreover, to reveal to you a little secret, he Ministry of Health is interested in increasing the number of healthy people, but quite the contrary. Treats, and sometimes quite good. Fight for your health should be carried out systematically on all направлениям. Since, except for yourself, your health is no use to anyone, except perhaps very close rodstvennikam. Hronicheskie modern Aesculapius not treat sovershenno. As a rule, all their stories start with a bunch of acquired diseases, the doctors were powerless, put the patient at a cross and was discharged home. The rate of recovery will depend on the difference between these factors. With a thirst for life, and realizing that they have nothing to lose, they come from many sources having studied independently for their own health and have made impressive strides in his recovery. To is obtained in all countries, not the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of zdravozahoroneniya. Zamechu obvious feature of the improvement that everyone would understand how, but overlooked. Or simply not enough. Work, running), respiration, periodic cleaning of the body, clarity of thought and other systems of healing, good ekologiya. To this was not the hormone serotonin to be balanced by another hormone dopaminom.

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