• The course “Health in Ba Zi”

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    Jul 31

    I think a good addition to this course will be special courses “Chinese art of healing power”, “Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “Fundamentals of Chinese self-massage before John. In our world there is such a thing as synchronicit. So, by law, synchronicity, just when the health issue arose particularly acutely in the course of my life came the International Academy of Feng Shui “Health in Ba Zi,” Professor Alexander V. That is doubly the course professional, and in terms of Chinese metaphysics, and the medical expertise of the teacher. ” After a course of peeped in their Ba Zi, because the best way of learning new information to pass through itself. The first course is interesting because Alexander V. I think it will be understandable even for beginners, however, have a good theoretical base of Ba Zi. The course is divided into two parts – the first – are the main signs of health – ill-health in the map, effect of 10 spirits (or even known – aspect).?? But all this does not mean that after the course, we immediately become doctors of Chinese medicine and are able to diagnose:) The main idea of? The course was held two days of 8 hours.

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