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    Jul 23

    Preparation of the mother for lactation. Not good: Strong fish and meat broth and gravy, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, marinades, pickles, spicy dishes and condiments. The uniqueness of our products due to the use of ED Medicine intensive technologies in their production, to ensure maximum biological activity and natural ingredients of plant material nutrientnogo. Allowed: Meat, poultry, fish, low-fat varieties of boiled, stewed, baked form, seafood – in limited quantities. Anti-oxidant to prevent colloidal and eliminates the negative effects of stress on a woman’s body. Osnovnye nutrition during pregnancy and after delivery: Maintenance of conditions favorable clinical course and outcome of pregnancy. Fitoformuly advised to take steps. Lactation – 5-6 times a day for 30-40 minutes before feeding rebenka. Fitoformula Fimeyl Active Complex contains extracts of Damiana, Dandelion, Wild yam, Donkey tongue and raspberries. Maintaining the normal process of lactogenesis and control of the usefulness of breast milk. Recommended: courses and side dishes of pasta and cereals. Know it all, but follow it, unfortunately, very few. Ensuring the normal development of the fetus and newborn. Konkretnaya help mothers and children most pronounced preventive and corrective effect in complex effects on “female” disease is achieved by sharing some of that influence different mechanisms of disease development. Hormonal disorders (and even changes in the normal reaction) lead to lower defenses and chronic form – first of all, inflammatory diseases of various organs and systems. Today, using only conventional foods, neglecting specialized enriched foods – including biologically active food supplements – make up the daily requirement of essential (vital) substances nevozmozhno. All – only fresh, but also in the form of fruit drinks, jelly, fruit compotes, jellies, mousses. Meanwhile, the planning of conception – is necessary. Recommended drinks: weak tea, weak coffee with milk, fruit and vegetable juices, broth hips. Dosing was established that immunity depends on the hormonal balance. Watermelons and melons – in small quantities. In the second stage in the morning and evening – to support the normal functioning of the immune system to make colloidal fitoformulu Imyun support: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for 6-8 weeks. This is possible only in the case of a woman to take care of your health and will prevent major diseases. If this does not necessarily constitute or complicated diet, “eating for two. The most powerful, universal mechanism of antioxidant action has – Fitoformula anti-oxidant colloid. Various nutrition during pregnancy newborn pathology, along with other factors associated with hypovitaminosis on the most important tasks vitaminam. A combination of colloidal fitoformul – Fimeyl Active Complex, anti-oxidants, Imyun Sapport – Serial their reception in several stages allows us to achieve maximum effect – bring the female body into a state of maximum opportunity to conceive and bear a healthy child. The use of anti-oxidants with colloidal fitoformuloy Fimeyl Active Complex effectively corrects all of the major violations that lead to disease in women.

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