• Zdorove. Ono whose?

    Jul 22

    Nesmotrya difficulties. A you anyway probuyte. M” Stop! Poprobuy vozrazi. Budto something is not at all to do with it (brought to us sore spies, aliens, enemies, detractors). Otsutstvuet motivatsiya. So you can be late for a lifetime! Ne the way you want to see drugie. Vot only reason I? Ona est. You say truths and rightly so, in relation to istinam. Rano or later must come out. V outlines the formation of gaps – do not post your dognat. “Life itself – neither good nor evil: It is a repository of good and evil, and, according to what you yourself have made ee. Nezhnaya, soft, fluffy len. Fathers and deti. Teper already they should have to postpone again reshat. Zhizn on potom. Klassichesky conflict between fathers and detey. Prosto you do not see it. How many discordant bells, signals, gives us a wise podsoznanie. Hronicheskoe comprehensive and misunderstanding. Nam komfortno. Progress is vpered. Speshim create the future by destroying the rest nastoyaschee. Na marks or son in-law apartment and nachalnika. No who or what defines the concept: comfort-nekomfort? I we usually follow the path of least resistance in the direction of the largest poter. Not udivitelno. Ne kto. Nam radovatsya. Just be-ve-Dhu ha. Pust meet drugie. Zdorove – our beloved theme, but we are talking about it as we would with storony. Deadlock? Vam familiar context of mutual relations when your son sits on the neck, but does not need anybody? Kakim would like to see myself Vy. And we are hard, diligently exhausting your body, nervous system, psihiku. Razrusheniem sebya. Da and son are not prosto. Otsutstvie movement, the abuse of the gadget TV without measure… Agressivnost. Poluchil. Sozidaem minus. V silence and spokoystvie. That state of comfort automatically determines the direction of our daily postupkov. Ono? No there it was… Bringing new acquisitions and new problemy. Uspokoytes.

    |To succeed you must have excellent health

    But, alas, it does not happen (or rather – very unlikely). Hello To achieve success in all affairs of the universe that we are given all the tools, but how strange they are negligible surprising number of people. Always be heard and understood, and 7. Try to clearly define what you want from this life… You want a lot, all at once. Planning is necessary for that would allocate the time. Have (I mean the ownership of the right) is the most modern computer 6. If you can not determine the purpose of life, you can try to determine the wishes for the future. ” Anything like that, people just use it for yourself do not see what motivates them towards success. This can be done very simply. It’s not as easy as it might seem. Offend people very easily, but the place – an art. “It’s better to be poor and healthy – the rich and the sick”, or better yet “healthy and wealthy – than poor and sick. For the success of a few, but more on that later. How? How to be, what to do to achieve this? And if you do not want to pinch yourself – you suddenly died (La)? Try to plan your day, then two, three, and then a week.

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