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    Jan 22

    Today, unfortunately, is becoming more and more difficult to monitor health and nutrition of our children. To begin with non-alcoholic beverages. Portions not controlled by parents, this means that the portion of children may well be comparable to portions of the parents. Buy fast food simply and easily, and in addition, and much faster than cooking at home, but, unfortunately, is very harmful for our children. You can buy your children like the food, and it is definitely better than fried food and sugar. But even if you decide to make changes to your lifestyle, do it slowly, because children are often very afraid of sudden changes. It is also important that your child is buying “baby” food in restaurants and fast food. Today’s children are beginning to drink these drinks earlier and earlier. What kid did not try to steal cookies from a treasured vase? Sometimes they are even willing to give up everything you need, provided that they will need to radically change their lifestyle. Most of the caffeine ingested by our children, just because of fizzy drinks.

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