• Energy and body

    Aug 15

    Natural emission of green plants positively affects our plasma, and hence on mental health. By adopting a sitting position, slowly start to breathe air at first stomach, then the middle part of the chest, and at the end of the upper. They are simple and consume little time. By moving your body with respect to Earth’s magnetic field, we cool we charge. Through such an effect increases dramatically energy. In addition, the increase in heart rate is a powerful energizing the body. But he at any time of year, even in the bitter cold, unable to walk barefoot in some shortah. People with weakened field feel sluggish and neuverenno. And with new powers to take on new projects. Beg – source radostiEnergeticheskoe body is an electromagnetic field which can be recharged while driving. If you want to be healthy – hardened! Deep breathing washes out deposits of carbon dioxide and pumping body energiey. And after them – carefully rub the skin dry. V Nowadays many techniques developed respiratory health. And often, this frequency does not coincide with the natural vibrations of our energy body. It is best to postpone an important matter to the forest and came back with ease and joy to complete it. Let us examine some of the nih. Krome of MirSovetov advised to allocate more time to get out into the countryside. Chasto, trying to get out of apathy with pills, we will only ruin our energy body. For example, MirSovetov to further strengthen the mental health may recommend while jogging rhythmically repeating this phrase: “With every step I’m getting healthier and stronger” (or make up their).

    Chsheniya health. They are trained to breathe slowly, making a deep breath. In the morning shower to finish better than cold water – it will give you the courage to fly day and night with warm – it will help you relax and fall asleep easily. I give you one very simple and effective way ulu There is a movement of charged particles constituting the plasma from a region with high temperatures in attack with decreasing temperature. And what movement easier and more affordable running?

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