• Water and health

    May 10

    It allows you to discover the lost integrity, to transform our lives, or rather, our attitude toward themselves and their lives. In any religious tradition, water has always been the mediator between spirit and matter. The main occupation of the Slavic magi was treated with water. Without it, can not do any spiritual ritual, whether baptism, wedding, ordination and so on. In the case of herbal medicine, vibrational pattern of the plants transferred to the water in the preparation of extracts, tinctures, decoctions. Information or holistic medicine has a huge arsenal of healing methods to help people discover their own potential for health. Today, there are still people in the healers who use the technology of clean water by charging vibration prayer. Although these methods for a long time ignored by Western science, they have worked successfully and work where academic medicine is powerless. In recent years, made many discoveries and wrote volumes of scientific papers. Odnovremenno with this understanding the science has advanced in the knowledge that disease does not come from outside, like outside enemies. Their cause lies deep within us. Pure natural water itself, through its own energy properties is a powerful tool to restore and maintain health, but the water, professionally fitted with healing information is a unique drug with no side effects. The volume of memory is enormous! In therapeutic purposes was prepared and used in different chemical and power of water. It can also seep or leak. 99% of the molecules that make up the human body are composed of water, so put on the properties of water, in fact, we’re talking about the properties of the organism Water – it is life itself! Transfer of information is healing in many different ways. Initially, they treated it to hydrotherapy. Hence – “twiddle” Looking at the water magicians have information about past and future. “Dead” water served as the blocking of the disease – its antiprogrammoy, and “living” – to run health programs. Water, as a therapeutic treatment for diseases, became the object of attention of modern scholars working in the field of informational medicine. It neutralizes the destructive programs, and negative attitudes, improves health, stimulates creativity, help to overcome the obstacles to the goal

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