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    Nov 12

    Since childhood, we remember how the tears and ran to her mother, and she hugged us. ”close” the celebration of January 21 and it is this pochemuvybrana data. Around the world picked such a fun tradition of “embracing. We embrace friends and family privstreche, after separation, embrace each other to express their joy iblagodarnost. Despite namolodoy age of the holiday, today it is difficult to find the author: unknown komuvpervye came up with this idea of? Secondly, mental health is associated with satisfaction chelovekanerazryvno tactile needs. Onbyl based in the United States in 1986 under the name of the National Day of hugs (NationalHugging Day), and then quickly spread around the world. At this point namstanovilos well, there is a feeling that we are safe, close to svoeymamochkoy, and an event that upset us, did not seem quite so scary. To date, uchenyeabsolyutno just proved that hugs are good for health. Pediatricians and psychologists advise svoimroditelyam as often as possible to hug their little children to razvivalisumstvenno and physically. Kak claims history, this day studentykolledzhey rushed to embrace each other for no reason. January 21 in the world has one of samyhneobychnyh holidays – International Hug Day (International Hug Day). It is believed that a child who has little affection vnezhnom age, may have later mental health and mental retardation (compared with their peers raised in love).

    |: The quality of products, some lying on the products

    And just peel a potato in brewing will protect against the loss of nutrients in brewing. This is not the case. Dark chocolate is preferable only in terms of carbohydrate content. Olive oil is most useful for health. Potatoes in their skins or bez. Lose Weight by color That same effect and very hot food. But from what we eat, our health depends. After a person drinks chilled drink with chunks of ice, the body tries to warm the mucosa and to develop heat, which will require energy, thus accelerating the metabolism. Both are wrong. White or black hleb. Vspomnite how many times have you heard that potato peel contains many nutrients. What we do every day determines the quality and duration of our lives. Vy heard or read that dark chocolate less calories than milk? Olive oil is due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids protect against atherosclerosis and heart attack. One hundred grams of margarine contains about the same number of calories as butter. But even more useful sunflower oil and soybean. You know, for example, the more sugar – lemons or strawberries? Bitter is better than milk shokolad. Perhaps surprisingly, that the goose fat, despite the fact that relates to animal fats, which says that because of the high proportion of saturated fatty acids raise blood cholesterol levels, equivalent to olive oil levels of unsaturated fatty acids. Is orange juice makes the absorption of iron? In terms of nutrients between the two makes no difference, only in black food coloring added. It is not true and that people who eat only use vegetable fat, lower risk of heart attack, on the contrary, in some cases to heart attacks more likely. Yes, a lot of orange juice contains vitamin C which enhances iron absorption from food. Znaete saying: “If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth”? Nepravilno food can greatly affect the quality and life expectancy. Remember that no one will save your health is not better than you do. And studies have shown that margarine significantly affect cholesterol levels. The rest of the like. Our health and beauty. The reality is somewhat different.

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