• Health of Older

    May 25

    Tangible results, according to user feedback, is shown after 10-15 procedures. And disappear fear: “All of a sudden weather change tomorrow, or at work that something went wrong, and again the pressure skakanet. It is from you, depending on your state of health is established biological “feedback. Blagodarya apparatus DiaDENS Cardio high blood pressure can improve your health. In the treatment of older people to maintain the health of the elderly medicine must take into account comorbidities, side effects, tolerance of drugs. A sharp drop pressure as it is done often taking clonidine, dangerous surges often cause ischemic yavlyayutya oslozhneniy. The first blow to the cause of hypertension specifically selected pulse frequency. The disease manifests itself in different ways: with a jump in blood pressure one feels a headache, someone – a common weakness… The condition can rapidly deteriorate at home, at work, walking, public transportation, in the garden. To live with the pressure of 160 or 180 can not. Blood pressure is not enough at whom in older people is normal, most of them are living with high blood pressure. The method of treatment for DiaDENS Cardio was registered as a private medical technology. After all, most importantly, to not interfere with the disease live. Man remains by chronic, but with a more favorable course of the disease. Disease in elderly people very easily turn into chronic-young had been ill and recovered, while the older it turned into a chronic form. ” Therefore, the treatment of elderly people is very important rehabilitation after zabolevaniya. Typical health problems of elderly people is hypertension, coronary insufficiency, and can be, and arrhythmia. Complaints are minimal and the process is sufficiently serious. ” Apparatus DiaDENS-cardio himself, responsive to any changes in the human body, picks up the required exposure time.

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