• HEALTH: You can make friends with pain

    May 17

    From her to get rid of, but self is not out as causes of pain can be very diverse. While psoriasis on more issues. So, get up, go, run, swim – but do not sit! Identify them can only vrach. The pain is different, the pain threshold as well, each his own. Kakie factors can lead to back pain? Characteristic of psoriasis scaling explains his other name – psoriasis. PSORIAZVtoraya focused sufficiently widespread disease – psoriasis. Without makeup 23/03/2011Segodnya we were told, again the most expensive that we have – on health. Second Division – lumbar – delivers much more of a hassle, pain may be given in the thigh, the buttock, groin and in td. Studio guests were already known to our listeners head surgery at the medical center Plavnieki Helen Farber, a physician anesthesiologist-resuscitator Natalia Yakushenko, as well as each of our program Konstanstin RANKS, who spoke in an unfamiliar role – patsienta. Here is a definition we find: Psoriasis – a chronic relapsing skin disease characterized rizuyuscheesya rash abundantly shelushashihsya papules. Acute sharp pain can not only ruin lives, make it impossible to move, and even lead to a change of mentality. Also here are offered physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, phototherapy well established and, if necessary, and day care.

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