• Our Health in Our Hands

    Jun 7

    How can we influence it, that can change – and did nothing. Itak, let’s talk about health. Instead of sweets Eat lest nuts and dried fruits. Choose more whole grain bread and bread from wheat flour. Budte healthy! Every year, each of us said one of the nicest holidays – birthday. Never drink sweet drinks – has long been proven that these drinks do more harm. We all know that excessive drinking flushes toxins. How do we preserve what’s already there? Vo Secondly, drink clean water: 1. Everyone at birth receives a certain level of quality of health. Therefore satisfied with the fact that they had received and cherish what we have. ” If you have kids, walk with them, go to the skating rink in winter, rollerblading or biking in the summer. 5-2 liters per day instead of soft drinks, tea and other liquids – in addition to this norm. It’s very simple! Do not eat prepared food, buy only fresh meat instead of frozen patties, whose composition is very somnitelen.

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