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    Nov 1

    In a warm bath quickens the pulse and breathing, reduced blood pressure and muscle tone is calm and sweating, which helps reduce ves. 62% of respondents as the primary means of stress management called domestic water treatment. Designed for installation at home whirlpool tubs are suitable for muscle relaxation after a hard day of work or training, and as improves the quality of life for adjunctive therapy in many заболеваниях. It will improve the quality of life and improve your health right at home. V today Jacuzzi or whirlpool can be enjoyed at home as well, taking care of yourself and your need to protect zdorove. Edema subside. That is, to changes in body temperature is more sensitive than for the same temperature changes vozduha. Everyone from time to time suffer from muscle tension, but to go to massage parlors inconvenient and costly. Because the blood vessels dilate, the pressure is reduced and blood supply. Quality massage bath is a reasonable investment in the enjoyment of the home at a time when visits to restaurants and spas are becoming increasingly rare. Исследования showed that 40% of people relieves stress by means of so-called product wellness40% of people relieves stress by means of so-called wellness-products. In the neutral temperature water pulse rate is reduced by about 6-10 beats per minute. Gidroterapiya therapy – effects on the body with water or use water treatment purposes only. Теплопроводность water is 23 times higher thermal conductivity of air. That is, a bath and also eliminates the stress and lowers blood pressure. It ranks fourth among the ways of relaxation, walking after watching TV (78%), walks (43%) and communication with family (42%). Vo the bath reduces the load on the joints and reduced muscle tone. Lyudi more time at home, wasting away from home less money than a couple of years ago. For example, after 30-60 minutes because of bath relaxation of muscles spine becomes longer by 5-6%.

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