• Clean dangerous for your health!

    Nov 14

    And then come to the aid of the company, producing not only quality but also safe for health products. Experts say that even a tenfold rinsing in hot water is not completely relieve the fiber from the chemicals. Pleased with the fact that Amway sells its products exclusively through its proprietary shopping centers or through their sales representatives (distributors), which eliminates the possibility of fraud. Today, more and more on-screen TV, we hear high-capacity, attracting slogans about the need to purchase a particular product that promises to clean house. What to choose? 1) When choosing products, preference should be given to companies whose products contain a minimum amount of harmful components (phosphate, chloride, sodium lauryl anion, etc. I wish that Amway was not the only such company to look at the Russian consumer. Is the quality of the product to our needs? But alas – it probably will not come soon. But even received a certificate only guarantees that we will not poison and does not spoil your hands. Unsafe concentrations of surfactant are preserved up to four days. But on the biodegradability of any products in household SES is not checked. So what advice to our Russian customers? Thus, we have once again become “a dumping ground for Europe. And so fosfatosoderzhaschie goods are dispatched in third world countries, including Russia. In our country, too, began to appear the first signs. For example, in 2005, Russia opened its branch US-based Amway, which is more than 50 years of manufacturing its products, using only safe for human material.

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