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    Do not overeat! Therefore, chew, eat only at rest and eat in between meals. Regulyarnye exercise improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and lungs, helps to overcome many of the physical and the mental rasstroystva. Faith is worthless without deystviySekret 10. Our posture affects our moods and emotions as well as to physical condition. We can focus the mind on health and healing through healing visualizations.

    AUTHORITY correct posture. Do it all 10 times podryad. Faith opens the way to the forces that can produce miracles. Otdyh rejuvenates body, mind and spirit. You create in your mind images of healing and doing at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes of healing statements (affirmations). Faith connects the human spirit with a Higher Power. Physician Emil Kui in the last century asked their patients as often as possible in the morning, afternoon and evening to say a very simple formula: “Every day, every day I feel better and better” Secret 2. Laughter enhances respiration, is an excellent exercise for the heart and lungs, abdominal organs massage produces and promotes the work of the intestine. Breathe deeply and visualize at the same time as a power gently pulls you up. Zanimaytes those exercises that bring you joy, do not forget to warm up muscles before exercise to do in earnest, and never perenapryagayte. It is important for physical and mental health. Reduces cardiac workload by 30% Reduces high blood pressure, improves pamyat. THE POWER OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Smeh – the eternal healer. Seventy percent of the food should consist of water (fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes). Sekret 9. If you can not make his work on nature, bring nature to work. Glavny law of the universe – the law of love, because Love is forever, this is the most powerful force through which can be healed of their diseases. Reduces to 50% oxygen requirement. Less is more! Zdorove begins in the brain – both mental and physical. Vse we have the ability to overcome disease and to establish their true health. Choose always only whole, unrefined, natural food. Sila mind controls your thoughts, your thoughts, in turn, controls everything that happens in your body. POWER SMEHA. SILA FAITH. Sekret 6.

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