• What determines our health

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    Jul 29

    If you can not wake up to an hour, which you yourself have appointed before going to sleep, it means that your dream nepolnotsenen. Speed? 5. FAST AND JUDGMENTS PERFORMANCE (10 points) A person in good health should be able to fast, regular and graceful thoughts and actions. A person with good health, that is the one who has no fear, no diseases, joyful and brings joy in all circumstances. Rassmotrim them more podrobno. LACK OF FATIGUE (5 points) You should not feel tired. Razumeetsya, you can not just stop worrying and worrying.? 2. People are quick and precise action, as well as those who are willing to answer the call or a call to be in good forme. JUSTICE (55 points) Justice – the main condition of macrobiotics. These criteria deserve mentioning. 1. GOOD MOOD (10 points) Let go of anger! That is why is there so much unhappiness. Good appetite (5 points) If you can not have any natural product with pleasure, then it means that you have no appetite. GOOD MEMORY (10 points) If you do not forget nothing of what you saw or heard, it means that you have a good memory. 4. This requires serious work on themselves. Retention increases with vozrastom. These normy. But as a result of changing attitudes toward life, one becomes wiser. Most of the people themselves make their existence unbearable, poisoning the lives of fears, anxieties, worries, anger, lust, envy, zloboy. If you do not take up the resolution of more and more difficulties you porazheny. PSIHOGIGIENAOt mental state and the nervous system depends ultimately almost all of life’s manifestations. So, if you had a cold, it means that your body is tired over the years.

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