• Intestinal flora and health

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    Sep 22

    For example, the environmental impact on the relations between man and microbes can refer to the reports of environmentalists: it turns out, is well known Staphylococcus aureus is becoming more evil (more virulent) in areas with industrial pollution. And in terms of dry matter up to 80% of the intestinal contents. Due to the steady growth of cancers of particular interest is the total kantseroliticheskaya protective reaction of the organism, ie, lysis of “foreign” cells. None of the chemical product does not make it as safe and effective! Okruzhayuschaya external environment inhabited by various species of microorganisms. The total mass of microorganisms that live in the intestines, is 3-5 kg. This has important functional significance: lactobacilli inhabiting the intestinal mucosa, pose on the surface of an environment conducive for growth and reproduction bifidoflory. Last 50 years – a period of particularly dire environmental degradation. Interaction between humans and microbes began when a man appeared on Earth. Useful microflora produce vitamins for us, – a synthesis of vitamin K, Groups B, C, folic and nicotinic acid. Some of them are useful and even necessary. Let us consider the effect of beneficial microflora in women’s health, and what happens when the healthy microflora little or none at all. And its absence is extremely dangerous. Thus, the useful microflora is useful by itself. Time goes on, changing the environment, not in the best man for the party.

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