• Your health as long as it’s not a private

    Nov 30

    Medicine, as none of the other social areas in urgent need of radical reform. On Combating severe illnesses such as cancer, and can not speak. But things are really bad there. In today’s world a person’s life, his work, rest, medical treatment are more influenced by politics, social conditions and situation in society, than from himself. Ultimately the choice will follow you. It is more realistic, because each focuses on care of themselves, their own health, rather than dependency in the state of medicine. It’s not bad. ” Under these circumstances more appropriate slogan would be: your health – your worries. It has long been believed that health – is the physical condition of a person living on natural laws. Sick society has passed the stage of chronic disease. In many countries, health declared one of the most important objects of state attention. But before we continue the conversation, let me thank you for agreeing to listen to me. Modern medicine to cure thoroughly. But admit it’s still coming. By worldly and just close to the truth. On Earth, still millions of sick and infirm, from lack of vitamins and elemental power, the millions unable to have the medicines needed to treat. With the rapid development of chemical science and chemical production rates, even on prescription drugs generally are rising. Without claiming to be the unanimous recognition, we could write: health – is the satisfaction of man his physical, mental and social status *. Deepening “mysterious” contradiction between medical science and practice. She unceremoniously rejected the natural cures. I am sure that no one else. In many countries the population is increasing mortality. A man accustomed to pharmacy drugs, have forgotten how to deal with their own health. In an official document of the World Health Organization (WHO), adopted in 1947, says: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease and injury. According to official reports, many areas in medical science has successfully developed, and public health, according to statistics, substantially worse. The authority of medicine is in direct proportion to the actual state of health in society. Requires its turn toward natural therapies. Sorry for the sharpness of the address of official medicine. Consequently, the concept of “health” should be closer to someone who is sick, but not the one who heals. Today, throughout progress of the disease. I’m not saying you do not believe in modern medicine, nor does it call for compulsory recognition of alternative medicine. Everyone wants to save him, but sorry, that few things are doing to preserve health. Man weaned rid of the usual diseases by natural means.

    |Health and Nature

    Belki creator, and the foundation of a breeding ground of living matter. And we draw from the nature of health, are the main draw vitaminy. Solar energy is inextricably linked with the plants, as well as health and nature. “The sun is shining in our tissues,” – said the famous Swiss dietician Birher-Benner. This is where a lot of work done by splitting food systems through excoriation of grain, obtaining it from white flour, sugar – beet, after hulling rice, cleaning vegetables and fruits, semi-chenie butter from milk, salting, cooking, roasting, baking, drying, etc. This is photosynthesis. A what’s going on in our kitchens, bakeries, our mills, processing plants? They contain a large amount of energy the highest quality and are provided with all the additional element-E, necessary for the assimilation and use of this energy. Out in the air of carbon dioxide and water circulating in the leaves of the plant produces carbohydrates using solar energy, which as it is contained in these compounds. Occurs it in green cells containing chlorophyll. Kak see nature – a beautiful mistress of her kitchen and dishes out, complete in all respects. Uglevody and fats – are energy and reserve materials. Vitamins are produced in plants is also under the influence of the sun, mainly vitamin C. In this way the plants are fat, but with the addition of the soaked earth oxide, sulfur and phosphorus – are also proteins. In belkovovodnoy culture medium the cells of plants or animals occur all the phenomena of life and metabolic processes.

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