• Health and nutrition – how to make the diet effective tool

    Apr 15

    This is a long-term project of the slow, harmonious and permanent development. 3 times a day to eat fruit and ovoschi8. Which again leads to an increase in mood and family closer pary. 5. Together to engage in physical uprazhneniyami3. There are bread, pasta and potatoes, not forgetting that there should be 55% of calories from whole foods in den7. Do not overdo it with sauces and the like. 6. There is a slow, biting small pieces and chewing hard. I once again remind you that the most important. Avoid alkogol10. Ne know was whether it easier for you to proof, but the participation of her husband’s diet is not only good for most diets, but also helps to strengthen marriage, because you do not have to listen to criticism, swear, argue the contrary, it leads to a sense of community, brotherhood, blizosti.

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