• Dec 28

    It takes into account the individual needs of the child’s body in this important elemente. The life path of each human being begins with infancy. If a child is sick, it’s a problem and even injury to all family members. Meanwhile, the kid he can not determine what it needs to be healthy. That concern, warmth, love, and of course health that parents give their children in the future play a decisive role in the formation of a mature man. 3. An excellent supplier of iron to the body of the child is a dietary supplement KROHAFERIN, which provides a very high absorption of this element. For the prevention of various diseases associated with deficiency of calcium, it is recommended to use a biologically active additive KROHAKALTSIN. A good source of zinc are pine nuts, meat, sesame seeds and, of course, BAA “KROHATSINK” 2. 1. He can often be in a bad mood, to respond to all irritable. All this suggests that children like adults, need dietary supplements. KROHAFERINDefitsit iron is very dangerous for children. Strong removal of calcium from the body make coffee and cola. KROHAYODIN – an excellent source of iodine. Hence, in order to have good health, little man need a special family of biologically active dobavki. At the same time it is at an early age it occurs most often. Mental retardation and reduced mental abilities may also be due to iron deficiency.

  • Dec 18

    Muzhskuyu force increases nuts and seeds. In the southern nations to increase potency for a long time used figs. In addition to fiber, it is rich in many vitamins. The effectiveness of each is different, but based on these diets is set mandatory for men products. Scientists have found the answer to this question. Alcohol and nicotine negatively effect on potency, causing spasm of blood vessels and the weakening of erection. S age, starting from 30 years in the male testosterone begins to decline. Men’s Health – WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT Men’s Health life of modern man takes place in a tight rhythm, the struggle for survival, the desire to provide for his family, to reach new career heights. And in Russia, Siberia, and to that end successfully used kernels of cedar nuts. Helps to improve vision and pamyati. Sexual activity and increase seafood. What is the source of the unquenchable energy of the male body, the same “battery”? Temperamental Italians knowingly consider the basis for many dishes such mixture: tomatoes, garlic, olive maslo. Chernika – contains lots of fiber and at the same time low in sugar and calories. It was at this time of the first problems begin with men’s health: not so easily given hundred meters, the muscles do not want to grow, despite all their efforts in the gym, but it is actively growing belly and wrinkles appear.

  • Dec 16

    Progress is vpered. You say truths and rightly so, in relation to istinam. Zolotaya fish would obediently our innermost zhelaniya. Dom must contain costs and remontirovat. Hronicheskoe comprehensive and misunderstanding. Prosto you do not see it. Ochen uspeshno. That state of comfort automatically determines the direction of our daily postupkov. Prosto will each own business, and you – so what has always sought your nature, your vulnerable and tender dusha. Smoking is harmful? The question is not slozhnyy. Ne kto. We know all about yourself (Personally), only to what we knowledge that impose on us otvetstvennost. Teper already they should have to postpone again reshat. So you can be late for a lifetime! Nekogda and the consequences. Monten. Dreams sbyvayutsya. Ono? Ona certainly tried, but you have forgotten about it under the yoke of excessive duties. I we usually follow the path of least resistance in the direction of the largest poter. And we are hard, diligently exhausting your body, nervous system, psihiku. Paradoks. Nesmotrya difficulties. No not to themselves. Slishkom we are concerned about themselves and zanyaty. Customs and habits of our parents, advertising, and more often simply len. Fathers and deti. Nezhnaya, soft, fluffy len. Tsentralnoe word (or more precisely the concept of) comfort. V outlines the formation of gaps – do not post your dognat. Rezonno. Klassichesky conflict between fathers and detey. M” Stop! Budto something is not at all to do with it (brought to us sore spies, aliens, enemies, detractors). Prisyadte in a comfortable position in a favorite kreslo. No gluhi. “Life itself – neither good nor evil: It is a repository of good and evil, and, according to what you yourself have made ee. Postroil, educated, nakopil. No who or what defines the concept: comfort-nekomfort? No few hunters to answer it pravilno. Uspokoytes. My important we do something not because they have the knowledge, but because they want to. No because almost all the diseases we are creating ourselves, with a sign soznatelno. Na marks or son in-law apartment and nachalnika. Vse mestah.

    |If your health is the health of your loved ones!

    Efficiency techniques and confirmed by thousands of people and numerous clinical trials since 1993 and dozens of patents in different stranah. Polnoe and quick release of parazitov. O what I mean? If one family member is infected with any infection, in most cases, all the rest also will inevitably get sick. But check out today presents no difficulty. Entered treatment programs for children, most often are carriers of ascarids, pinworms, giardia. Each of them is intended to affect a certain type of parasite. Life Energy DETA-effect device APLechebnoe Life Energy DETA-AP is based on the frequency of the electromagnetic field effects on microorganisms. But first, let me ask you a few important voprosov. Pribor can be programmed using any of ten anti-parasitic programs that are selected out of 160 available in the program database Therapy-6 (which can be individually selected for the treatment of a large circle of pathologies caused by the presence of microorganisms). Life Energy DETA-AP-20 can be configured to solve individual problems of the health of any patient by перепрограммирования. Three methods of effective recovery zdorovya. Parasites begin to die rapidly, and then enter the bloodstream and lymphatic system, which can cause toxic load. Vy already care about your health, or wait for the well-known fried rooster peck? Ponimayu that it’s hard to believe. Only possible to cure an infection which is already in the body-positive therapeutic effect is achieved due to good penetration of the electromagnetic field in the body. The microorganisms occurs within 3-4 days. Hello dear reader! Life Energy DETA -AP-20 – high-performance medical device of new generation anti-parasitic for all semi. Uznayte check, decide and take the best of what is today the world market! heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, men’s and women’s issues, etc. Poslednie 2008-2009 improvement devices S.P. Konopleva series Life Energy DETA – a real revolution in the treatment and prevention of diseases of thousands! I’m talking about devices that use Deta 3 methods of electromagnetic therapy. In the base Life Energy DETA-AP contains 13 programs: 1) “Drainage Therapy”, 2), “worming” 3) “Total protivoprotozoynaya” 4) “Candide” 5) “Staphylococcus” 6) “streptococci”; 7) “Escherichia coli”, 8) “Salmonella” 9) “SARS”, 10) “Herpes”, 11), “Ringworm”, 12), “Chlamydia”, 13) “Papilloma Virus». Treatment programs are simple, accessible and require no special training polzovatelya.

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    It would seem, why take such a burden: and can give, and the eater once, and without that little grub. In addition, to maintain strength little monsters, the mother continues to produce eggs that are eaten as young cannibals. Survival of the fittest. Certainly not. Is it true I can not say – as they say, “for he had bought, sold for. In biology, this type of reproduction is called “intrauterine cannibalism. The size of his mouth? Even a single case in Stalin’s camps, I heard from his friend. True, the difficulty lies in the fact that you had just been born, did not even think. Then the other three it was eaten. The questions are not idle, and they are worth to think the sooner the better. They were not given anything to drink or eat, and they were both day and night, until one of them fell prostrate. Thus already in the womb of the future baby shark begins to fully follow Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest – in each of the two dams the largest embryo eats the others are weaker. By all means. In this species the shark two uteri – embryos, respectively, and bears two fish at a time. At the same time Mama shark do not have to teach the basic skills of infant behavior predator, because even in her stomach, they learn them to perfection. ” Newborn shark geek you think this happens only in the animal world? When eaten the last biscuit, then “cut the lamb. For example, the embryo becomes a sand tiger shark has a full-fledged predator in the womb. At what age should stay healthy?

  • Aug 15

    Na Batszy. Voda-responsible for the winter period, respectively in winter the water is the most time-silnaya. Ogon season is summer, the summer fire season, the most silnyy. Silnoe-strong bias of one elements of imbalance and induces disease in cheloveka. First we look at the month-on the earth’s branch of the month, month, season determines which person was born. Napomnyu that Bazi with five elements, you can look at different aspects of life and health as well. Dalee, each coming year brings some two elements, which may or may strengthen or weaken those elements that are in attenuation map iznachalno. Derevo spring and spring thing strong derevo. And for example, it is clear that a person can be born in any of the seasons, and the ratio of elements in the map may be quite razlichnym. Eto general framework for understanding the capacity of the system in matters of Bazi Suanmin zdorovya. Each of the elements responsible for specific organs and sistemy.

  • Aug 11

    And for someone – kindness and communication. It’s great that people get used to the unpleasant events is much weaker. For one, happiness – it’s power, or is this thing, and this information is to be spendthrift. Other concerns are more important. Think always positively. Everyone feels there is no sickness, feeling good, I can work. If you are accustomed to notice the failure, the more you pay attention to them, the more they will persecute you. But we are not an encyclopedia! And for this it is important not to waste it in vain. Take care of the state of peace of mind – is not only pleasant but also useful. It’s like happiness, when it is, it does not notice. But most of all need a combination of all these feelings and still other components of the life around him. What is health and what it depends, everyone knows differently. They say, “poor health”, “poor health”. One should always try to get the most pleasant feelings and avoid unpleasant feelings. The difference between right and wrong way of thinking is that we analyze the causes and effects, and can on the basis of this decision. No need to measure it. That’s what gives us the present health. Has created encyclopedia, counted them several thousand titles. ”. Condition of the body when there is illness? And only then – health. About the diseases are different, large and small, light and heavy. In itself it does not make you happy. But when it does not, when they come of the disease, then immediately all the rest become unimportant. And then when not sick or sostarishsya. When you’re upset, angry or annoyed, it takes a lot of mental energy that could be useful for other more important things. Our comfort is made up of pleasant and unpleasant feelings – both biological and social. But this is health – there. But the optimum life – is to live long and with a high level of mental comfort. The time interval between disease?

  • Jun 27

    One of the reasons that lead people to premature aging, disability and early death – smoking. And they mean that there is over, something to think about. 3). 76% and in households where smoking three, healthy children almost byvaet. 11). 8). Just imagine. Kak Ironically, smoking in recent years more and more “passionate” women, especially at a young age, although they are more affected by this “disease” because of the delicate structure of his body. At the same time, those people who drink, but does not smoke, this figure does not exceed 10. Smokers, of 100 newborn babies die in the first four days after rozhdeniya. The world’s population smokes every year 12 000 000 000 000 cigarettes, cigarettes and cigars. 10). Razve these headline figures are not arguments in favor of those people who chose instead of smoking’s health? 90% of deaths from lung cancer – kurilschiki. As they say, the facts – are stubborn things. “Sudden death from coronary heart disease observed among smokers are five times more likely than those who do not smoke” – warn doctors. In the house where one person smokes, 68. The total mass of cigarette butts per year is 5. Smoking – the main cause of amputations nog. Children born of parents who smoke are more likely to lag behind the physical and psychological razvitii.

  • May 29

    Helps to improve vision and pamyati. Contained in cabbage vitamin K improves the clotting krovi. They must add the lemon juice, celery, parsley, which have a stimulating effect. Sardiny – this is the best value and nutritional value, plus they are sold on every corner. According to the doctors of Urology – andrology, testosterone deficiency is reflected in almost all organs and systems of the male body. Alcohol and nicotine negatively effect on potency, causing spasm of blood vessels and the weakening of erection. There are a number of diet programs that put themselves one goal – maintaining the health of men. Esli you find yourself at the above symptoms should immediately contact a urologist, andrologist Early diagnosis, including non-linear testing apparatus “Oberon” in the early stages to allow timely preventive activities and ensures you a long full life. So, to maintain men’s health, the daily ration must include the following four components: Oatmeal – is one of the best sources of protein and essential aminokislot. It was at this time of the first problems begin with men’s health: not so easily given hundred meters, the muscles do not want to grow, despite all their efforts in the gym, but it is actively growing belly and wrinkles appear. Scientists have found the answer to this question. Contains the necessary men for the B vitamins and vitamin PP. The effect is enhanced when combined with honey. Muzhskuyu force increases nuts and seeds. What is the source of the unquenchable energy of the male body, the same “battery”? And in Russia, Siberia, and to that end successfully used kernels of cedar nuts. S age, starting from 30 years in the male testosterone begins to decline. In the southern nations to increase potency for a long time used figs.

  • Feb 19

    REZhIMHotya would more or less permanent regime is necessary. Best vacation-class that is fun. What do I do? 2. The most important thing is not to grasp at all things at once, divide, which should, over than to follow the logic. The ability to pull yourself together, calm in a crisis situation to help prevent more than one zabolevanie. 8. 7. NO HARMFUL PRIVYChEKVrednye habits are so named because the harm of varying severity in the first place by the body. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the pool. Today, we’ll give you 10 tips to save both his zdorove. We must remember that the profits and reputation can be restored is always, in contrast to health! Breathing in sports increased by enriching the oxygen cage. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people who are on you favorably, but with “energy vampires”, irritable, fussy and aggressive counterparts to try to reduce communication to a minimum. Therefore it is better to stay away from chemicals. 6. Keep a rich social life. Eat more fish (rich in omega-3 acids), fruits and vegetables (it’s natural antioxidants and fiber), cereals (natural drainage, a wide range of vitamins). Be it a habit to stay up late, eat a lot, smoking, nail biting, or something else, it all triggers of the disease and reduces life expectancy. 1. Then the body will have time to remove harmful substances, leading to many zabolevaniy. Enough to do a little workout, but on a daily basis. State to meet a man mates with the body recovery process, and positive emotions catalyze any treatment! State much uluchshaetsya. How to correctly prioritize routine matters? Cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, you should choose the lowest concentration of odor and color. MENTAL GARMONIYAV years of crisis, constant stress and depression is very difficult to remain calm. With an active lifestyle is activated not previously used energy as a result of people not only tired, but on the contrary, is restored! Not necessarily to accumulate laundry and dirty dishes for laying in the car, something can be done manually. Change of activities and frequent short breaks to help calm the body without overloading to perform all tasks. Active fresh air just needed!

  • Feb 18

    Vtorye doing morning exercises, jog, interested in how to eat, drink vitamins, fitness, spa salons, steam baths, walk with the children in pohody. · Lie on your back. Several times at the expense of 7 stretch: the heel of his right foot “crawl” on the floor ahead, and both arms extended stretch in the opposite direction. 10. The sixth rule of health. Activates blood circulation not only in the limbs, but also throughout the body. Especially useful for those who spend a lot of time on the computer. 4. Make it 5-7 times. The curved neck, according to K. Fixed flat bed. V world there are only two types of people. ” Close your eyes. ” Lie on your back. Exercise “Golden Fish”. Exercise improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, colon kishechnika. 10. Serried · palms to hold over the body, as if through the air, “ax”, hand pulling as much as possible. By putting a firm pillow, neck or shaft. From him again in a pharmacy. The first think that the answer to their health doctors and the state. The good is that our medicine is developing at a rapid pace, more and more drugs, good people. Second, they are responsible for their zdorove. Remain at rest in this position for 5-10 min. 1. · Place hands under the cervical vertebrae, elbows bent. Feet at right angles to the body. From it to the pharmacy, then back to the doctor is another specialty. Kak says an old Russian proverb, “A healthy body – healthy mind! 10. Under the cervical vertebrae to put a firm pillow or cushion. It is also useful for the cervical spine. And in every possible way podderzhivayut. Hands behind your head. The second rule of health. Teach your children to do this exercise, do it with them. It is useful also to facilitate the work of the heart and cleansing the skin, improving the functioning of the intestines. Pull your toes to face. “So they often ulybayutsya. And I am very grateful to myself for having gone to the latter course. Sit on the floor on his knees, hips or on the heels of “Turkish”.” · Push both palms with fingertips on each other, then the entire palm of his left and right hands. Pervye go with their problems to the clinic, a doctor. Drugs more and more health menshe. Begin to shake hands and feet simultaneously. Neskolko years ago me and my husband had a whole bunch of problems on your health. Lie on your back.

  • Feb 17

    Especially lucky people of creative professions. Too much self-sacrifice could go no benefit otnosheniyam. Lyubov. In order to avoid this is to understand where best to self-realization. It is recommended not to forget those who are near. Kroliki ambitious and talented, respected and trusted colleagues and friends. БлизнецыЗдоровье. According to the Oriental calendar, February 16, 2011 A year of the Rabbit (Rabbit, Cat). God Yellow Cat (Rabbit) in China is considered the year of peace and creativity. Lyubov. Excessive outbursts can remove them from the psychological balance that adversely affect the surrounding lyudyah. But the tendency for people to sign this deal several tasks at once can lead to a decline in strength in the middle of the year. In order to gain strength before the next year should go to otpusk. He should learn to understand yourself and life will become easier. Po Year of the Rabbit is the happiest, as people born in the Year of the Rabbit (Cat), the most udachlivye. A kind word or a small token of help to avoid unnecessary quarrels by pustyakam. Good physical condition and good health will accompany the sign of the zodiac throughout the year. The most successful days for important days – 5 and 10 of each mesyatsa. Magic the appeal of this sign is not to impress others. Radi love and attention they are willing to sacrifice, can not tolerate loneliness. SkorpionZdorove. Correct conclusions in the light of past mistakes will help you not to repeat them in the future. Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. Fate presents an opportunity to fill the new Taurus sense of privacy. In the summer should pay attention to your digestive system and do not abuse alcohol napitkami. September – an opportune time to work on their projects, which, when correctly chosen strategy will bring a good return in the future. On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. However, too much sensibility may lead to increased pressure and dizziness. By the end of the year should be attentive to our competitors and try to put forward their ideas on time rukovodstvu. In the winter she had to think about your health, so do not get sick grippom. In the future, the cancers displaying any investment, whether stocks or purchase nedvizhimosti. Will be replaced by new friendships and relationships that are already in March, will affect the self-perception of the Virgin in a positive way. Dlya Rabbit 2011 – a year of success, joy and calm. Representatives of this sign, you must be careful throughout the year. Career. This year is diplomacy, hospitality, comfort and teplotu. Beginning in 2011 will be a favorable period for members of the sign of Libra. In the first half are expected significant professional developments, as well as unexpected cash rewards in the form of bonuses and prizes. October Scorpios make sense again experience the passion of his nature and inconsistency, confusion and duplicity. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. He begins by Moscow time in 9 hours 39 minutes 16 February. Lyubov strong. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. You can use this to find a soul mate. In the family Tigers peace and prosperity. Should revise the financial arrangements and to strive to bolshemu. Hold on tight to the handrails! Chances of profit due to coincidence обстоятельств. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. If it fits with the mind to the painful problem, then in 2011 for her will be lucky. Trouble this year he will not get any, but it will be on the alert and vyzhidat. The basis of the family – understanding and support of loved ones. So do not forget about otdyhe. Unnecessary communication disappear. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life. There are dramatic changes in their lives. Who has not found a soul mate – find it! Career. ДеваЗдоровье. In 2011, the Bulls have everything turn out not as zadumyvalos. Despite this, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle all year round, so as not to waste in vain that imeesh. Lyubov. Something to be sacrificed for the sake of “a strong rear. Vzdornoy Mouse (Rat) – this year to find a true friend and a career. The balance does not remain without attention of the opposite sex in the coming year. And on the Persian calendar year come March 21 Yellowish red Veprya. Zmeya-wise and dedicated the entire year will be loved, but it will not bring her any good. Despite a good overall tone of the energy, Cancer could pose problems related to poor diet and gigienoy. Etot Year of the Rabbit is quiet, life will go down to normal. In personal life, it is recommended to pay attention not only a partner, but yourself, your desires and needs. Cat (Rabbit), a quiet and gentle man to hold this year with no problems and turmoil in their families. VesyZdorove. In 2011, the Dragon will be dazzling and yarok. But the contacts become more intellectual in nature, which may lead to competition with the favorite chelovekom. U Horses – honest and hardworking, in 2011, can passionately fall in love.