• Dec 20

    Pobolshe communicate with children and visit the open zhivotnymi. Staratsya all to do with pleasure. Health sorted out. Fatigue, illness, take energy. Even a horse can help to deal with different ailments. Chitat and watch only the positive and interesting, and then in small kolichestvah. For example, those with low vision, life must train eye muscles and so it is necessary to remember d. Zanimatsya fitness, yoga, reiki, etc. What else need to be healthy? In fact, healthy person is more energetic than the patient. Says m. So how can a doctor treat a patient, if he does not want to be healthy? Est “idiots” who believe that it is absolutely healthy. Govoryat that can be treated with the animals. How else to raise energy, I think, you know. Otdyhat aktivno. Sport and breathing techniques to increase the number of our energii. Although you can train other muscles. Norbekov, people are divided into several tipov. The belief that everything will be fine. These people recover very quickly because we are confident that they are good.

  • Nov 25

    Thanks to my well-being and optimistic mood, I began to buy the products of my friends with whom we meet in oncology. ” Three days later, the tumor was asleep – the teeth were saved. I’m 47 years old. The oncologists surprised by his condition and asked what we so treat it. Results of recovery: I was very cheerful, energetic, hard work has increased almost 10 times. Thanks to the corporation “Siberian health” in such an efficient help! I have 7 years was kept between 38 and ESR 60 mm / d and only in August 2007 dropped to 28. Results of improvement: In 2006 GV 35 years I have had a little girl, pregnancy was normal (almost easy), had a normal birth. I take this product since 2000. And only thanks to our Badam I now live, enjoy life, I am happy grandchildren, and children. In the autumn of 2007. Immediately after surgery I started taking “Novomin. Thank you very much. We are very pleased with your products. Fat deposits around the waist decreases rapidly, and new ones have not typed as fast as before with no change in diet. Very grateful to the Corporation ‘Siberian health! I am happy to buy the drugs you have to maintain a healthy all my family. Lyudmila took “PIC”, “a living cell – III», EPAM-44, “Rhythms of health”, “Kardiovit. Hello! Family Vasilchenko, Severodonetsk, Ukraine Hi! Three times a year my wife continues to pursue a policy of prevention of these drugs. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. ” Over the years, I feel very good. I bought Limfosan-M and Pantoral. A cold in the draft, there was a nagging pain in the groin. ” I feel good. A low bow to you for the miracle products. A series of “reform” in general, I love it! This product has breathed life into our family! It took me seven years after two operations and chemotherapy to achieve this result. Restoration of blood to me is much faster and I get regular chemotherapy with good analysis, chemotherapy is much easier to bear. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. Situatsiya: Hormonal imbalance at the age of 26 years, diagnosis of infertility third degree final, unconditional failure (by the verdict of the doctors) having a second child, overweight (95-98 kg with height 171 cm, clothing size 54 -56). Grandchildren: granddaughter of 6 years, the grandchildren of 2r. A week later – the effect of the body can be compared to Viagra. At his daughter cleared skin, increased vitality after taking the “Cradle of purity” and “Rhythm of Health”. Decided to try the \ “Siberian Health \” on him (I only learned about it). Buttocks, hips, become more resilient and feel the whole body muscle tone! ” Actually, I take absolutely all products: and dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Son Rodion from birth we gave EPAM-1000. ” And my sister just crazy about your cosmetic line! Results of recovery: We admire the products of the Corporation ‘Siberian health! I decided to take a chance to save the tooth: teeth and rinsing the throat “Sorcerer. ” My mother passed chronic swelling, helped “Limfosan Y”. After cleansing, “Origins of purity”, started taking L-carnitine, Vitahrom, EPAM-Revival 4, drank herbal teas and all my goals began to be realized! I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. My father is very seriously ill, and taking NOVOMIN, Amaranth Oil, VITASELEN we are fighting a very bad disease (oncology). For that and thank the creators of this make-up and wait for the next developments. And syrup “Vitamama. Thank you for what you give to people’s health. “I use the product” Siberian Health “in September 2006, the standard program, and was a health program and for their grandchildren. During pregnancy, I took PIC constantly, was anemia, nausea disappeared. And also thank you for your competent and affordable design new directories, “Siberian health. Thank you very much for a new sense of life. It so happened that in 2005 I found stomach cancer III degree. My husband took “VITEL” often enjoys a favorite “root”, “Geskoy. Pressure returned to normal. Then connected the EPAM. 9m. I love “The Roots of purity,” “Limfosany”, “EPAM” and all other products. I and my entire family: a husband, two daughters, two son-in and three grandchildren – taking the product “Siberian health. I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers and all people who carry out such a wonderful product. ” After the first year Lyudmila normal pressure, no longer a headache, took heart pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. Thanks to salve the “root” I have never suffered from the winter, because at the slightest sign of a cold processed sinuses and gargle “root”. Irritability, nervousness, fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep, decreased mental and physical performance. ” My wife Lyudmila, doctors diagnosed hypertension II-III degree. Production is already taking 4 months, the results are really – in the face! First, slowly began to take “Limfosan”, “PIC”, “Vitel”.

  • Nov 7

    The disease, however, there is an unnatural state in which all these actions sent it difficult to read. But it is important to consider not only their own views, but also to investigate the sequence in which they are expressed. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. What it is and how to protect it – do not say… The word “health” – one of the most common. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? Doctors say – take care of health. In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? These publications are generalizing, and stable. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. Priobresti 24 Karat is not so slozhno. Tut read 24k + the secret can be reviewed each year posetitel. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease.? At the end of XVIII century was considered the natural state of health of the organism, and disease – unnatural.

  • Oct 20

    Each of the elements responsible for specific organs and sistemy. And we have some picture emerges of human health: healthy lungs, a weakened liver, heart, stomach and kidneys, on average, normal sostoyanii. But the autumn comes the water. Metall, fall is strong metall. Silnoe-strong bias of one elements of imbalance and induces disease in cheloveka. Napomnyu that Bazi card options in total there are 12,960, 000 possible combinations. Kazhdy of these elements is one of the seasons, and thus has greater power than other elementy. Napishu conventional, publicly known relationship: metal-light, light-heart, tree-liver-kidney water, surface-to-belly. Bazi analysis of any card gives a complete picture of health status and options for its development throughout the life of man. Anyone who is not born with good health, always some organs and systems are weakened, resulting in a certain period by the disease. And for example, it is clear that a person can be born in any of the seasons, and the ratio of elements in the map may be quite razlichnym. Ogon season is summer, the summer fire season, the most silnyy. You can see an example of why the state organs and systems are already initially not in equilibrium, and what has caused a predisposition to certain zabolevaniyam.

  • Oct 17

    Wellness and rejuvenation through mezokokteyley real pleasure. The adjective “national” indicates that a Russian company. But not always successful. Where to look for health? They became partners or customers rejuvenation and Technology Center verified that improve health and can become younger without the intervention of surgeons. To do so, use the following drugs: – Food VITONK. Otherwise it is called “cancer vaccine” – Food Witham. Tsentr rejuvenation has been producing supplements. But how to protect yourself from diseases? Russian scientists are constantly introducing the latest scientific advances in technology zhizn. Vizitnoy NNPTSTO card company may be considered anti-aging mezokokteyli. It is – and we do not notice, but when health is leaving us, we begin to take emergency measures. Each word in the title NNPTSTO is what makes this company. Cases when the plaques appear even in children. Protect arteries from plaque and thrombus formation, as well as to strengthen them is as already known to all partners NNPTSTO drugs: NITSIFEROL and seal fat. It is recommended to all those who lead an active life – Food FORCE BIO.

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    9. 4. But the most convenient and comfortable to equip yourself job is quite capable to everyone. 4. Computer at work, home computer – that is seeing? 13. 5 raz. Look on the tip of the nose at the expense of 1-4, and then move away to look through 1-6. 2) “The screen monitor should be located on the user’s eye at a distance of 600 – 700 mm, but not closer than 500 mm with the size of alphanumeric characters and symbols. M. 5 raz. ” (P. 1. That’s right, it “sits”. Repeat 4. For workplace organization with a computer designed state rules and regulations, which must comply with each employer. Repeat 4.. “Premises for the operation of the PC must have a natural and artificial lighting. 4) “In the premises, equipped with a PC, is carried out daily wet cleaning and regular airing after each hour of work on a PC” (section 4. It is hardly possible to do at home. 10. Man sitting at a computer at home, should take care to build their own workplace. The Federal Law “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare» № 52-FZ of 30 March 1999: “The observance of sanitary regulations is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal persons” (Article 39). Then look into the distance at the expense of 1-6. How are we without it?

    Inactivity and hypokinesia, prevent the development of fatigue pozotonicheskogo expedient to carry out complex exercise. 2/2. O how significant health conditions on the computer can say the following paragraphs we studied the document. 1), “Artificial lighting… Should be a general system of uniform illumination, in the case of paper work… Installed lighting local lighting to illuminate the area location of documents. A break away, look away for a couple of minutes, “unload” his eyes for some reason, extremely difficult. 2) In conclusion, suggesting one of the sets of exercises for the eyes, recommended SanPiN 2. 2/2. Cherez week we continue the theme of health at the computer. “(p. Work chair (chair) should be hoisting swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and back… “(p. 5) “In cases where the nature of work requires continuous interaction with VDT,… Organization recommended intervals for 10-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes of work. 1 up to 6. 10. We look through SanPiN 2. Bless you. Do move diagonally in one and the other side of the transfer of right eye at the expense of 1-6. Without turning his head (head straight) make slow circular motion through the eyes of up-to-right-down-left and in the opposite direction: up-left-down-right. With a fixed head to translate his gaze from the fixation at the expense of 4. “Those working with a PC more than 50% of the time, must undergo mandatory periodic medical examinations “(p. ” Choose items that are both important and useful in the home. 1340-03 “Hygienic requirements for personal computers and machines to the organization of work. Repeat 4. And they concern primarily the health of an individual sitting at the computer. “Working Tables should be placed so that the VDT were oriented with the side openings for light and natural light fell mainly on the left. 13. ” (Item 10. 7) Do not you think these simple rules are readily available to meet at work on a home computer. Said SanPiN regulates also instrumental conducting surveys, for example, measuring the levels of magnetic and electric fields, the visual display settings, noise levels, air humidity, air ion levels, etc. 4) “During breaks in order to reduction of neuro-emotional stress, fatigue, visual analyzer, eliminating the influence Our everyday reality. Man lives in the body of the savage. Ancient hunters had an eagle eye, as seen afar in search of prey. 3) “Workplace user should be equipped with footrest.

  • Sep 12

    They buy expensive, high-quality clothing, expensive cosmetics, perfumes, creams, face care, but often do not pay attention to the fact that beauty is primarily health and that health is directly linked to what hygiene products used by women. All gaskets, which are available on the market today use oilcloth, not breathable, coated with a technical adhesive. ENDOMETRIAL-inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, caused by bacteria streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. Adnexitis – inflammatory diseases of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Occurs when the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, as well as in women taking oral contraceptives and IUDs. 05. Infection occurs on the surface of the endometrium to the fallopian tubes and ovaries.. Benign tumors, prolonged inflammation, erosion of the uterus, very often turn into cancer. When diagnostic procedures, artificial termination of pregnancy, childbirth, inflammatory processes are caused by bacteria getting into the defects (wounds), endometrial, penetrate the walls of the microorganisms matki. Gaskets are not only sterile but also 100% protect a woman from outside contamination and infection. The surface of the gasket, in comparison with other seals, absorbs a lot faster and 2 times more moisture. Acid-base balance, healthy woman, in weakly acid condition, having immunity against bacteria. Sanitary pads – products essential for zhenschiny. And, in future, lead to functional changes in the genitals. Inflammatory processes lead to a decrease in ovarian function and hormonal imbalance. Department of State of Russia, Quality Control, conducted a series of checks on the market hygiene prokladok.

    Patented, high-ionizer (anion chip) in the pads “Love Moon», generates up to 5, 800 cc of anions 1, ie, produces anions exclusively by physical impact, a certain temperature and humidity. Absorbing substance, wrapped in a sterile

    CYSTITIS, in the etiology of cystitis the leading role of infection, the penetration of pathogens into the bladder. VAGINITIS-inflammation of the vagina is caused by pathogenic microbes. Causes a disturbance of ovarian function. Conventional seals are made from recycled materials. 2008g number 1287. Inflammatory diseases of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, leading to anatomical changes in the structure of the fallopian tubes, which is one of the causes of infertility. Bartolini – inflammation of the large glands threshold of the vagina. They are now referred to as mixed polymicrobic infections, the causative agent of which are anaerobic-aerobic microorganisms, gonorrhea, candida, chlamydia. When using low-quality gaskets for 2 hours, the woman faced with the discomfort and unpleasant odor. Using a gasket “Love Moon” Winalite, women are so amazing effect that in the future, refuse to use other pads. THRUSH-mucosal damage yeast fungus Candida. The organism is open to the bacteria that cause inflammation in women. Ki, is caused by prolonged purulent discharge, resulting from inflammation of the cervix. Kazhdaya woman uses these products, on average, for 40 let. The surface is covered with sticky strips of edible glue. FGUZ “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Moscow”, gaskets «Love Moon» manufactured under a quality system certificate, only the substances that come into contact of foods.

  • Aug 30

    And do not make yourself strict prohibitions. For body weight loss intense – always a shock. Acquire now the main thing. By burning calories, it is almost equal to the run, but you do not have anywhere to gather and depend on the weather, also useful for jogging early in the morning while the air is clean and not full of exhaust fumes and other results of human activity. This table will help you calorie foods and ready meals, which are in almost every cookbook, cooking on each site or site of pohudenii. On most sites, there are a lot of weight loss calculators that allow to calculate the ideal body weight, body mass index, body type and much drugoe. It is better to draw the graph yourself lose weight and bring back weekly results. She will go on digesting food, and, respectively, 390 – on the average level of activity. What if this is not possible? Losing weight is designed to make you more confident. Organizm normally set up to lose weight evenly, but there are times when cleaned in the most unexpected and not always desirable locations. In moderate work on and work at home, and child care, and campaign work. Thus, the daily requirement for women in power is 1820 calories. Itak, give yourself a day, from which you will lose weight. This brings me to the question, but from what, in fact, minusovat? Try to eat and no fractional load up for the night. Know someone who wants to lose weight, looking for ways, and one who does not want – opravdaniya. Believe in what you all must get done and it will be easy! Enough to make 300 jumps a day, gradually bringing to 700. Wake up the next day and continue on. And to take away from your standard daily diet. The first thing you will need to do – is to decide on how much you want to weigh. Under mild physical activity is understood as mental work and a passive lifestyle., But with age it is better to weigh 55 kg. Just remember the main thing – do not give up. But many also know that weight should be optimal for their health. ” And, most importantly, create a positive attitude. You can calculate how much you overeaten, and burn those calories jumping rope, or to arrange a fasting day. Drink plenty of fluids. If you decide to switch to more healthful foods – lean, roasted – it’s just easier for your body problem. Before you stop advertising your stuff and go to the topic, I would say the main thing – all the information is checked and guaranteed 100%. Dlya those who are too lazy to wander somewhere and find something, write a formula that most accurately to determine this number because different calculators determine the ideal weight for some reason, in many ways. For example, if you eat something salty, guarantee – the next day, your weight will increase only as much water you drink – the salt will keep her in your body longer than usual. Po about food. Select the day of the week and do it once a week. Most women say that figure, even if they pick up during the night. Then you can do this automatically, trust me! How much you have to create a deficit so reshili. Each kilogram of fat 7000 calories. Immediately hasten to say important, it is considered the best weight loss and does not entail negative consequences for the organism, in terms of all dietitians. Hard physical activity is exercise, gardening, horticulture, for men it work longshoremen, construction workers, miners, etc. Esli failure still occurs, do not scold yourself. In such cases it is desirable to encourage weight loss in those places where you need it. Reduced through diet and 300 through physical activity. It costs energy to metabolism will be 65 * 20 = 1300 calories. And then all you need to succeed! Better to start with 15 minutes, gradually bringing to 30. And after it, shocked by the body, as one of the best self-regulating systems, will be reserved in order to continue to not be in the same situation. The best and fastest way – massage. 6 kg. 130 kcal. Logical? So, to lose weight in pounds per week, your calorie deficit should be 1000, and a half – since 1500, and the rate of weight loss dalee. S we decided. Nutritionists recommend that 200 calories. Having tried many different ways to physical activity (running, dancing, gymnastics, fitness) with certainty state that the most comfortable and very effective, familiar to us from childhood means a rope. All of us really want to see the results of our work, the things for which we are tormented, make sure that the time and effort well spent. More – not worth it, especially those who have kidney problems or pozvonochnikom. In addition, having undergone these changes, you’ll be fine feel, will gain confidence in themselves, in general, become a happier person. How do you determine this number? I will consider the example of 500 grams per week. This figure and should be reduced. The main thing – to count calories. Naprimer, we expect the ideal weight of 20-year-old girl growing 167 cm: 0. So, consider this formula a concrete example: a woman of 65 kg. And some classic recommendations.

  • Aug 27

    And an annual chest x-rays! – Go for a walk with your spouse or play outdoors with kids – get a double benefit and strengthen health and family relationships! The need for these tiny organism, as measured milligramami, but they are very important for the body! receive them, we can of food additives, as they fill with food almost impossible, no matter how well and diversely we did not eat! Pillar number 3: Useful macronutrients. But daily exercise should not be time-consuming – for example – use the stairs instead of the elevator! Environmental pollution – it’s too globally! Pillar number 2: Exercise. I want all the same to continue to share tips from the book for optimal health! And it turns out there are many biochemical reactions that occur during sleep and are necessary for physical and mental health! And then they also come to me at the reception as a neurologist and ask – why our babies something wrong – restless sleep, poor weight gain, stunting! Maybe someone does come in handy, which I’ll be very happy! And many would say – no time to exercise and no money to visit fitness clubs! This is beneficial nutrients, which are the basis of the diet – protein, fat, food uglevody. Of course a lot of problems in our medical care now, but it is better to prevent disease than to treat it! Many think – where is it from? Pillar number 5: A positive attitude and a system of personal values. Do you agree? All have long known that the happy and optimistic people are generally healthier and live longer! Pillar number 1: Reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases. But the food must be balanced – so is the way man! People in modern civilization do not get enough sleep.

  • Aug 18

    Plus, there has recently received from sticking timlida because bummed two weeks. Still working vpadlu. Here we are with this pretzel Bouhali yesterday. He recently retired from there. But in this case, I’m not an asshole, but goof – too lousy option. Someone still in the karma I podnasral. Because there were all the scumbag, because they do not appreciate it at its true worth, which, of course, much more expensive poltorushki hryvnia per month. Tomorrow Saturday, so it’s good good sleep last. And also about the fact that it is impossible to earn it honestly, but you can only spizdit, preferably in the state, which itself is robbed of all – like myself robingud. Still tells us how important it is and right – to get in sn envelope, do not pay utility bills. And plump for someone else’s expense (well, it does not declare it, but just quietly does). Because the money is fond of saying, those who lack it altogether (which makes sense). I look back like this to life – that I myself had made a for friends, if you look at?

  • Aug 9

    We declare that the highest destiny of man – to realize his potential in 120 years at the expense of achieving the necessary quality of life. It is the philosophy of WHO. We can not even make the world perfect for our children. Medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, psychology and many other sciences, step by step comprehend the essence of human nature and the world around him. To bring this philosophy to millions, create a new culture of health – our missiya. The best minds of all ages and nations acquire knowledge about just what keeps a person’s health, protects him from disease. After all, every resident, from newborn baby to a venerable old man, living far from ideal conditions. So it was ranshe. No us fortunate enough to live in an amazing time. WHOLE HEALTH OPTIONMy know that the potential for human life – 120 years. Modern man in the middle of all released some 60 years of earthly life. And we know that health – is the unity of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, based on – a necessary quality of life. The number of such contacts frighteningly large. Think about it! How many books can people read for your life? The information age. Food is becoming more and more synthetic and not even look like that once gave people by nature. That persistent small steps of trial and error, the giant leaps of outstanding scientific discoveries came to knowledge. Therefore, we proclaim that life – an absolute value. And it is an indisputable fact. Therefore, our philosophy is and international name – Whole Health Option. Yes, the world is not perfect. And all this combined effort on the man stress, making it a lonely and unhappy inmate hostile to his health mira. ) Times, two times smaller than the inherent nature! It is an indisputable fact. The more knowledge, more difficult to reach them. This is two (! Depleted world reserves of fresh water. Our philosophy – a choice of excellent health! Therefore, our philosophy – it is not just good health. No question arises: can a man achieve such perfection, if he lives in a perfect world. But why then do we talk about his beautiful philosophy, as to live well, live long and honestly, which means – we want to live a happy life now, in this life. So large that it is impossible to imagine because we have a great deal simply does not zamechaem. A thousand? What kind of 120 years of healthy life can there be if every hour and everywhere we are confronted with what is for the most immediate threat to life? But by itself the amount of knowledge – yet only half the battle.

  • May 27

    The child has the right to healthy parents, a sacred right, the right to life. And if even possible, it is good or is it normal? But not to cause anguish and despair. And not only the case that we are very likely still be the grandparents, with all its consequences and pressures, which require considerable energy. Total Harmonic Health – an extreme rarity in general, as well as impeccable genetics. Not so few people seriously ill, chronically ill, disabled, are, nevertheless, wonderful parents, wonderful children. And the well-oiled brain can work for nothing or for evil, and the most balanced mind – not of happiness and success. If not, and mental health. Harmonic, perfect sanity even rarer than the fullness of physical health, and a hundred times more difficult to reach. No excuse for barren samougryzeniya. Not everything depends on us, not everything in our power, not everything can be foreseen. Spiritual health – health is in health and in disease. Our health needs them for a long time, for a lifetime. But not all reduced to a state of nerves. After the health of their own, nothing is more important for our children than our own, parental health. How often and how criminally we forget about it, ignoring the other, destroying themselves.

  • May 12

    Therefore, fewer people think that they personally will not affect this situation, because today they still feel horosho. • What will happen if you remove the blessings of civilization? The film “HEALTH – wise fee” – a healthy lifestyle! Minerals in the water and their bodies. • Statistics. • Modern gipodinamika rights and caloric intake. • What is the Supplements and how they affect our bodies. What are dietary supplements and how they affect the health of our body. 4 stages of contamination. My now suffer from the domination of blatant advertising cheap pharmacy pseudo-vitamin and do not realize that a healthy diet and quality supplements are expensive. Sickness pills, operations, constraints, new diseases etc. • There are three factors influencing on human health: the environment, nutrition, stress. “What the film” HEALTH – wise fee? The film will be interesting and networker who are engaged in Badami and conventional lyudyam. Most people live their 50 – 60 years of sickness and fear. • Logically and intelligently chosen information will not leave any doubt. Literate logically verified information. • Learn about the three factors affect your health and that you can take in this case and how the deficit of essential trace elements. See a short video for the movie What is it about the film? • Hear what the leading doctors, academics and professors about dietary supplements – draw conclusions. • The main problem – lack of vital minerals the body needs. This you will learn in the film ‘Health – wise fee. • Vitamins disabilities. • The processes in the cells of our body. What’s really scary – is that we are passing the disease is inherited to their children. I’m sure most people will respond – your health! • As a farmer fertilizes the soil?

  • May 12

    And they concern primarily the health of an individual sitting at the computer. Repeat 4. 4. ” (Appendix 1, p. I suggest to pay attention to how organized your office at home. 1), “Artificial lighting… Should be a general system of uniform illumination, in the case of paper work… Installed lighting local lighting to illuminate the area location of documents. 1. Ancient hunters had an eagle eye, as seen afar in search of prey. ” (Section 3. ” Choose items that are both important and useful in the home. Uprazhneniya performed sitting or standing, turning away from the screen with rhythmic breathing, with a maximum range of motion glaz. 5 raz. 1 up to 6. “(p. With a fixed head to translate his gaze from the fixation at the expense of 4. ” (P. 2/2. 7) Do not you think these simple rules are readily available to meet at work on a home computer. ” (P. A break away, look away for a couple of minutes, “unload” his eyes for some reason, extremely difficult. 13. 1. “Those working with a PC more than 50% of the time, must undergo mandatory periodic medical examinations “(p. Man sitting at a computer at home, should take care to build their own workplace. ” (P. Bless you. All this power makes this a friendly glowing screen, a window into the world. Krome of a static posture, prolonged immobility lead to a general fatigue of the body. The conditions of work depends largely on its success and health ispolnitelya. Look on the tip of the nose at the expense of 1-4, and then move away to look through 1-6. Close your eyes, greatly straining the eye muscles at the expense of 1-4, then open your eyes, relax the muscles of the eyes, look into the distance at the expense of 1-6. 4. 9. 1340-03. 3) “Workplace user should be equipped with footrest. Computer at work, home computer – that is seeing? 5) “In cases where the nature of work requires continuous interaction with VDT,… Organization recommended intervals for 10-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes of work. The computer. But the most convenient and comfortable to equip yourself job is quite capable to everyone. The Federal Law “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare» № 52-FZ of 30 March 1999: “The observance of sanitary regulations is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal persons” (Article 39). 13. Or at least the world of oknom. M. That’s right, it “sits”. 5 raz. 6.. Repeat 4. 5 raz. We look through SanPiN 2. Person – a child of nature, living in unnatural conditions. Do move diagonally in one and the other side of the transfer of right eye at the expense of 1-6. How are we without it? “Premises for the operation of the PC must have a natural and artificial lighting. Repeat 4. For workplace organization with a computer designed state rules and regulations, which must comply with each employer.

  • Apr 23

    ” She really wants to eat, especially with such delicious dishes are here zapahi. Organizm people perceive wine pint of wine at dinner, it is not, as a resident body of the Vologda region. Nazovite at least one popular diet that takes into account all the above. We must remember that you are individual, unique and unrepeatable. Nu what may be your colleague nastroenie. Your body’s own individual characteristics, this metabolism, digestion characteristics, temperament, metabolism, and that is useful to one person may be harmful drugomu. But it has secured a regular severe stress, which in our life and well above the roof. Nashe food has a huge impact on our health. ” Simply be treated safely and food sderzhanno. A body of people of the Mongoloid race, whole milk does not accept. Just why they were strong, agile, hardy and long way to go without water and can cause pischi. Slepoe following diets can lead to most disastrous results. It turns out the reason is very simple, it just “sat on a diet. It is formed by many pokoleniyami. On the proposal together for lunch, did not answer very friendly refusal.

  • Apr 13

    Dancing – this sport and art, artistry, and chuvstva. Opytnye subjected to heavy loads, so it is advisable to enter a training program yoga classes, choreography and jazz. Dancing – is the embodiment of the audible visible. Dancing develop fine motor coordination. Novice dancers must be serious about the workout is always done before class teachers. Bodily movements of the person seen as a reflection of his inner mental life and relationship with the world. When inattention to their health may be vulnerable to the foot and leg joints, or ballroom dancers pozvonochnik. Jazz not only improves the stretch the legs, but all classes tela. The main plus of this sport – it has no disadvantages. At this point, Ballroom Dancing enjoyed a great reputation around the world.

  • Mar 28

    Harmful organic compounds, surface active substances (SAS) – Oil-radionuclides, salts of heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, including hepatitis A, nitrate, pestitsidov. And this water is exposed to several types of negative effects: 1. Being one of the main methods of ape-zarazhivaniya water chlorination is the formation of compounds that can cause cancer opuholey. Excessive hlorirovanieHlor coming as part of “purified water” in the human body, can deystvovatna destructive immune system blood supply, the internal organs. “Why do you need a water purifier” Yantra “Morning Dew” every day? No at the same time, in its composition it is similar to that of natural clays. Luchshy way to preserve his health and the health of their loved ones – to take care of clean water in your living dome. With the purity of living morning dew begins each new den. Ochistitel water “Yantra” Morning Dew “a high degree of bactericidal, so the eyes of them water-schennuyu not necessarily kipyatit. It is clear that human health depends on the quality of the water that he drinks. Podarite you and your family’s health and vital force of water each day, using the “Yantra” Morning Dew. Teper it easy to do with water purifier “Yantra” Morning Dew. Osnovoy for him are substances used in manufacture, which are presented zhestkietrebovaniya, for example, in farmatsevticheskih. Anthropogenic zagryaznenieRezultat perennial discharges into open waters of industrial wastes, pesticides, heavy metals, waste water sewer systems.

  • Mar 20

    In biology, this type of reproduction is called “intrauterine cannibalism. The sooner you start to consume it, the stronger you are, and you will have more chances to survive. For example, the embryo becomes a sand tiger shark has a full-fledged predator in the womb. By all means. The size of his mouth? In this species the shark two uteri – embryos, respectively, and bears two fish at a time. At what age should stay healthy? For the penalty box in the camps was such a punishment. Survival of the fittest. With such a high-calorie food embryo is growing very rapidly – when babies are born, they can reach one meter. Cases of cannibalism among the people – not an uncommon phenomenon. I think that from the first day of his life. Certainly not. Is it true I can not say – as they say, “for he had bought, sold for. Want some examples? Then the other three it was eaten. Of course, all runners know about it, except for the young. And he told some of his relatives, who have been there. They were not given anything to drink or eat, and they were both day and night, until one of them fell prostrate.

  • Mar 1

    Try Jala Neti. 6. Buy Orthopedic Shoes Masai. Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? 3. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. Cleanse your skin? But if you want to go next? The fact that we are physiologically adapted to walking long distances. Short and long positions can improve the health, body cleansing and rejuvenating it. But you should consult with your doctor before you begin to adhere to the post. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. My mother in my childhood when I had problems with the nose (sinusitis, sinusitis…), I was flooded with saline solution in sinuses. Improve your posture. Water is absorbed through the intestine, thereby increasing blood volume. 9. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. 5. Who says life – is a serious thing? If you do not plant in the workplace, put a couple. 10. 2. This shoe gives the feeling of walking on sand or soft moss. 7. Blood circulation is enhanced, resulting in tissue are washed and cleaned of toxins. It helps to breathe deeply, strengthen the immune system, helps to forget about the pain and reduces blood pressure. She advised someone to do it – just pour in the nose this solution. Plants have a huge advantage. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health. When the body does not use much energy on digestion, it can be used for recovery or treatment. We – “hunter-gatherers” (hunter-gatherers). But the resourceful mom made me with a syringe. Try hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy). Poor posture leads to not enough deep breathing, pain in back and neck, poor circulation of energy of the body. But without air you will die within a few minutes. Make a regular habit of fasting. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step.