• Dec 29

    In most cases the cause is непрофессиональнаяпомощьмедицинских rabotnikov. Like any true-recovery of the organism, should benefit, pleasure INE obremenyatcheloveka complexity of procedures. Esli vorganizme or discomfort (without predvaritelnyhnagruzok) – is uzhenenormalno. Takoevozdeystvie causes a small change vnutrennegokrovoobrascheniya brain by means of the emission of radio and telephone. Оздоровлениеорганизма and treatment – ochensereznaya topic, so before you proceed to action, including необходимоподробноразобраться what kinds of diseases there are and how to snimispravlyatsya about it in the next email. ” You know izelektronnogo letter at number 8: “The global obmanmeditsiny…. Deystvitelno zdorovyychelovek attracted the attention of other people, because they want byttakimi zhekak it, that is – lyudmi. Данноевоздействие sufficiently small, but postoyannomkontakte person with the phone, by radiation, mogutvozniknutrazlichnye diseases: heart problems, headaches, rasstroystvazheludka, impotence and so on. Vovremya sleep, your body relaxes Каждыйчеловек has its own individual attitude ksvoemu health, but scientists – researchers identify 3osnovnyh kategoriilyudey (a category – healthy people with no disease iotkloneny in health), which are divided according to relative kzdorovyu, rassmotrimetikategorii: 1. It is therefore very important that you carry the phone in Sergeystaralis purse, briefcase or lyubomdrugom subject that is always with you, but from your namaksimalnomudalenii tela. Take Charge kazhdyyden 7. Vsehlyudey of these categories share one thing – onioshibayutsya. The answer to the question: “why such lyudeymnogo? After realizing every chelovekotchetlivoponimaet how significant concern about their health, odnakopoyavlyayutsya2 issue that could cause embarrassment, “as pravilnoberech svoezdorove? Etovovse healthy does not mean that all people are sick, it oznachaetlish what all people want to be truly healthy and happy, vedesli health weakened, even with someone you love is not smozheshpochuvstvovatsebya easily. Eat minimumlekarstvennyh means of chemical origin; 6. Vovremya conversation, signaling between the tower and mobilnymtelefonom communication is enhanced, as you pass the information (and therefore signal becomes more voluminous, more powerful boleegubitelnym) while you hold the phone to the brain. People Related ktretey category want to be healthy, but they do not, porazlichnymprichinam. Poetomu to have good health, strong immunity, high endurance and good humor – to заниматьсясобственнымздоровьем and health promotion. Категориилюдей. People Related to pervoykategorii believe that a healthy relatively difficult and the body vylechitvsezabolevaniya not impossible, for various reasons, 2. Naosnovanii data the facts – there is a need to help the body maintain proper health условияхповышеннойопасности, namely to address this issue and is rassylka. Try to carry the phone votdelnoysumke, diplomat. ” Chtobyprepyatstvy did not arise, go over to the second part of this letter, kotorayapodrobno affect these issues. Zanimaytessportom 8. Do not smoke! reduce the consumption of nicotine, did not make sense imeetsuschestvennogo 3. Think positively, and 10.

    Wealth of accurate information is still needed vpomoschispetsialistov. Try menshenervnichat and experience, but instead think of the difficult situations syumorom 9. How to become a truly healthy person Zdorove. Reduce upotrebleniealkogolya to a minimum, or eliminate altogether, 2.

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    Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of? But it remains unclear what counts as both. Doctors say – take care of health. At the end of XVIII century was considered the natural state of health of the organism, and disease – unnatural. These publications are generalizing, and stable. A step forward, as you select a specific sign of health: the order in vital functions. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. In the dialectical analysis it becomes clear that the idea of? And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den.? These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. In addition, you can always add a sign, which had never noticed before. In joy and sorrow, on weekdays and holidays mention health. In the middle of the XIX century, researchers seek to expand the complex state of health on the constituent elements – the spiritual and social. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. ” Further searches for the essence of health go in another direction. It also appears that the process of cognition is controversial: some valuable discoveries often lost, forgotten, but then reappear with a solid rationale. Kazhdy cellulite treatment at home will use more and more popular in our country. What it is and how to protect it – do not say… The word “health” – one of the most common.

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    Proshu about one thing: do not try to oversimplify – so began the conversation Lyapunov. – Happy? – And did not the laws? So time, I developed a technology for color matching, which can make from the phone minions loser of this fate. – All this just seems unlikely. Dresses, and clothing colors to adjust its business footing, give confidence. But it is not as great as people think. Of course, we can find common to all or, more precisely, for large groups of people. Suppose, on the morning people wake up sluggish, frustrated. For example, the claim that some colors are always depressing, while others, on the contrary, they all cheer up. Then he has breakfast and see the dishes, which enhances the color of his health. Igor O. This program gives youth, health, charisma. And ahead of time. So is the right choice of clothes and colors obstanovki. I was lucky… Lyapunov believes that, once created the conditions for maintaining the health and personal success, people will move from success to success, from victory to victory. It sounds very un-scientific. – I agree, it is difficult to believe. – authoritative psychologist. To a person is treated as a robot, trying to identify some common to all patterns. They can be described by the laws of success. – Of course there is. He opens his eyes and sees the wallpaper to lift his spirits, because they are specially selected color. But Igor O. Buy you imagine, for example, a yellow shirt – and forget about all sorts of ailments. Even funny. So listen to his opinion stoit. Have you ever wondered why some people, clever and workable in order to achieve something, we have to literally turn inside out, while others, lucky, get the same thing, without straining, by a happy coincidence? Today, I can boast of getting what they want, almost without wasting energy, time and health. If we are talking about a woman who is about to leave home, she gives herself up – lipstick, apply makeup. Vliyanie a particular color to a specific person depends on many individual factors. Especially do not need anything. Psychologist Igor O. And it turned out great regularity. Everyone is multi-faceted, unique.

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    Each of us once in your life suffers. Konechno here and I’ll try to write about health, but may be slightly different perspective. Just our diseases are the result of our thoughts and actions and that they only make us think of life, help you with every mission in the physical mire. Each person has their own. Uspeshnye people are sick of course, but very, very rare and the causes of these diseases are not so much a lesson for themselves sick, but for the health of our okruzhayuschih. Course of the disease arise not only because of work, food. A it is directly related to lifestyle, which consists of food, exercise and recreation.,, Proceedings of Steppenwolf. However, any illness can serve as a kind of rest, stop. Although my blog is called,, successful person, but the subtitle is the concept of health in particular. By the way, the rest is not just a dream, but a change of deyatelnosti. Poetomu absolutely healthy people do not exist. K what it all? They may also appear in the bad thoughts that arise in our golove. But this is the case with successful people so rarely that most people do not notice it. Success, success, a solid success. So do not be afraid of diseases, but also try their izbegat. One of the most important components of our success is associated with you zdorove.

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    However, thousands of people across Russia and in CIS countries have found a way to reclaim that property. It restores the intestinal microflora, strengthens the body’s own forces and includes a full range of necessary vitaminov. Otherwise it is called “cancer vaccine” – Food Witham. Adversely affect energy food, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. They increase in size and in the way, so that normal blood flow, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. Russian scientists are constantly introducing the latest scientific advances in technology zhizn. Perhaps the reason for this is the wrong food. Sosudy of little stretched us throughout the body, and therefore their “pollution” can cause a variety of complications. To do this, you must first strengthen the immune system. “Research and Production” means that the company itself is engaged in the production of goods and has its own scientific base. They became partners or customers rejuvenation and Technology Center verified that improve health and can become younger without the intervention of surgeons. If, for example, a cold, we still observe at once, the same oncology creeps unnoticed. That is why dietary supplements may be considered biologically active additives in organic food empty. It is – and we do not notice, but when health is leaving us, we begin to take emergency measures. Each word in the title NNPTSTO is what makes this company. Dlya vision improvement in the company NNPTSTO also represented several products. Izvestno that a person should receive food vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are designed both to prevent deterioration and to address the serious problems with your eyesight. To do so, use the following drugs: – Food VITONK. Protect arteries from plaque and thrombus formation, as well as to strengthen them is as already known to all partners NNPTSTO drugs: NITSIFEROL and seal fat.

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    You will make a chart and you’ll see which system is weaker. The author of this system – it has developed an herbalist for 30 years. Present Flyers this and you will receive a gift. Why, despite the millions of certified physicians and medical progress, modern equipment in hospitals and a huge selection of medicines in pharmacies, people get sick more than any other animal that lives in the natural environment? ” Here you can familiarize yourself with what problems arise in man, unless enough of what that certain trace elements in the body. Using these four rules are already thousands of people in the world and Latvia have received their results zdorovyu. Want to know what is and what it depends on your health? There are thousands of diseases. The technology exists to preserve health. V you’ll know why, why, and how to clean your body safely and painlessly. For them, invented even more drugs.

    Voryat words: “what a pity that we did not know this before” (31 p. 16, Rus. The peripheral nervous system. Dlya women who allow themselves to become queen. ) book about cleaning up all organizma. And Lat. ) And the other interesting materials. V book you can read about it (44 pages, in Russian. Including osteoporosis. The result is we are not happy, people get sick and die prematurely. You can select as a book and the way priobreteniya. And more than 10 years, people use it and get rid of many chronic health problems. If doctors knew how to live longer, they’d have it done. Consequently, there are 4 simple rules for the restoration and preservation of health. You’ll learn what to do to live a long and in health. And Lat. Interesno Do you know what are the reasons and rules? Even being superspetsialistom in these and other areas, people will not live a single day longer than the experts live, if not well known technology for health. You will be able to, having studied it, the focus in cosmetics. According to WHO, there are about 70% are diagnosed correctly. And if a person loses the sense of smell, he did not have enough zinc. The endocrine system. There is a reason for optimism! ) Recorded lectures of 12 constants zdorovya. And Lat. Because I do not znayut. 27 in Russian. ) Whom to believe: Mom or advertising? Reproductive system. Vy know what the source is constant and they’ll be able to track (24 +24 pp. ) You can learn about the 5 mistakes in treating colds, and how they izbezhat. (Book of 34 pages, in Russian. 31, in Russian and Latin. But we remember about their health only when we start to lose it. 3. Prochitav its people are often the first For example, many do not know what suffering nocturnal leg cramps, a person suffers from a lack of calcium., in Russian and Latin. The respiratory system. The digestive system. Whatever the problem of health, it all comes down to this 4th of reasons. However, doctors are engaged only in disease, dental teeth, attorney papers, manicurist, nails, hair, hairdresser. There are work days, evenings and weekends., in Russian.

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    Regular consumption of chocolate has a rejuvenating effect on the cardio vascular system of human and prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels. Theos-a god and broma-food) – the food of the gods. For the production of divine product is used quite a new technology that allows you to store cocoa beans in natural antioxidants flavonoidy. But all the excess – harmful. Kak the manufacturer, 20 g of the chocolate every day can significantly slow down the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin, increase its elastichnost. Polza chocolate promotes the well-known by Nestle, which advises each person to eat 40 grams of dark chocolate every make, to give the body strength to deal with stress. Some called him the food of the gods, and other food devil. This can be explained by high levels of polyphenols in chocolate. 3 years before death forbade her to the doctors to use in food sladkoe. Shveytsarskie chocolate producers have created a new, unique chocolate, this product is expressed rejuvenating effect. Shokolad improves mood, fatigue, an excellent remedy for depression. Mnogie centenarians were passionate fans of this sweet lakomstva. The opponents base their arguments chocolate on excessive consumption, as well as opponents of red wine. Chocolate is known and dearly loved by mankind for more than three thousand years.

  • Aug 20

    No, nature has not changed. Returned to health with great vain attempts. Whom now treats this hospital? Excellent natural conditions, wonderful staff, comfortable cottages – all this created the conditions for successful treatment. Serving in the army did not give me the opportunity to combine service with a normal rest. When I arrived at the hospital this year, I saw a very different picture. Even 15 years ago, I gladly took a course of treatment in Slavyanogorsk (now Svyatogorsk) military hospital. My classmates Malgicheva S. Savchenko, did not serve in the army, and yet… Eternal Memory. Everything turned out differently. But everywhere scurrying young, healthy people, near the cottages were expensive cars. But among those treated at the hospital I saw the Great Patriotic War Veterans. A very simple. Now it all comes into oblivion. The military reserve or retired retirement are long. Created for the military hospitals, sanatoriums in the best locations and resorts. At my age, who have devoted their lives to serving their country in the Armed Forces, everything was different. Immediately after leaving the hospital, I thought enough of the month – two in order to restore lost function. Even while you sleep can be called rest purely conventional, as the officer frontier raised several times during the night by an alarm system at drawdown or violations of the border. Amezhdu way, for we in the war-disabled and VS very often refer veterans to help get a start in this very gospial for war veterans… And why the military retirement age is much smaller than that of civilians. I’m not saying that my peers do not become officers of all live comfortably.

  • Jul 30

    No, nature has not changed. Even 15 years ago, I gladly took a course of treatment in Slavyanogorsk (now Svyatogorsk) military hospital. Everything turned out differently. Immediately after leaving the hospital, I thought enough of the month – two in order to restore lost function. The military reserve or retired retirement are long. My classmates Malgicheva S. Homeland repay her sons as she could. During the day the same officer also did not mrzhet rest because of their functional responsibilities – training with the staff, a plan to protect the border the next day, mentoring and much drugoe. At the very least, a lot of my peers – Border officers had already gone to another world. In fact, my whole life was not conducive to good health. Excellent natural conditions, wonderful staff, comfortable cottages – all this created the conditions for successful treatment. Mukhin, V.

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    If you can not wake up to an hour, which you yourself have appointed before going to sleep, it means that your dream nepolnotsenen. Speed? 5. FAST AND JUDGMENTS PERFORMANCE (10 points) A person in good health should be able to fast, regular and graceful thoughts and actions. A person with good health, that is the one who has no fear, no diseases, joyful and brings joy in all circumstances. Rassmotrim them more podrobno. LACK OF FATIGUE (5 points) You should not feel tired. Razumeetsya, you can not just stop worrying and worrying.? 2. People are quick and precise action, as well as those who are willing to answer the call or a call to be in good forme. JUSTICE (55 points) Justice – the main condition of macrobiotics. These criteria deserve mentioning. 1. GOOD MOOD (10 points) Let go of anger! That is why is there so much unhappiness. Good appetite (5 points) If you can not have any natural product with pleasure, then it means that you have no appetite. GOOD MEMORY (10 points) If you do not forget nothing of what you saw or heard, it means that you have a good memory. 4. This requires serious work on themselves. Retention increases with vozrastom. These normy. But as a result of changing attitudes toward life, one becomes wiser. Most of the people themselves make their existence unbearable, poisoning the lives of fears, anxieties, worries, anger, lust, envy, zloboy. If you do not take up the resolution of more and more difficulties you porazheny. PSIHOGIGIENAOt mental state and the nervous system depends ultimately almost all of life’s manifestations. So, if you had a cold, it means that your body is tired over the years.

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    It is said that health – happiness in itself. 9. Well, what is not God? It is a good cure many ailments, but not ¬ can make a person healthy. 10. Only the necessary efforts increase with age and deepen bolezni. While she can not even teach people how to become zdorovym. To be healthy, need their own efforts, permanent and substantial. Yes, that whether a person has conquered the cosmos, created a sonata by Beethoven, the great ideals of advanced harmonic Humanist Society? 8. But the other pictures. Stroll through the streets of the city: you will always find a few people who shuffle the soles on the asphalt, breathing with difficulty, overweight, his eyes grew dim. 3. 4. Able to relax – the science, but it still needs and character. Just look how great man! Do not rely on medicine. If this is the time to double, it will generally otlichno. True, the disease – it is really like – bad luck. And if the light, then some even pleasant, and you can relax, and, perhaps, will regret. Already stepped on the moon and soon will visit other planets. Or at least to myself sorry. 2. In most diseases do not blame nature, not society, but only the man himself. And how fast! Unfortunately, without the first conditions of health, it does not provide. One ¬ However, it helps to achieve happiness in the home and at work. That’s it creates artificial life and intelligence to be able to communicate with the natural, and then exceed ¬ syat created by nature. The physical to ¬ load, dietary restrictions, training, time and ability to relax.? And sorry, but the character! In fear and trembling before suffering death ¬ Tew.

  • Jul 15

    1. The third rule of health. 10. Begin to shake hands and feet simultaneously. V world there are only two types of people. It is also useful for the cervical spine. The bad is that patients are not less stanovitsya. 10. Pervye hope for a miracle drug, and the latter knows that the best assistant to the body – the immune system. Under the cervical vertebrae to put a firm pillow or cushion. · The main part. The curved neck, according to K. Fixed flat bed. Each exercise is done in the morning and evening. Hands behind your head. A stunning effect to correct posture. Especially useful for those who spend a lot of time on the computer. · Hands with palms tightly serried extend to its full length to throw over his head, then draw them slowly over the face to the waist, as if cutting the body in half, then the bottom up, from the pubis to the navel. · Lie on your back. Make it 5-7 times. Exercise “Golden Fish”. ” Close your eyes. Ladies – it depends on you whether your loved ones healthy and happy. The first rule of health. And I am very grateful to myself for having gone to the latter course. Teach your children to do this exercise, do it with them. Activates blood circulation not only in the limbs, but also throughout the body. 2. The fourth rule of health. Neskolko years ago me and my husband had a whole bunch of problems on your health. From it to the pharmacy, then back to the doctor is another specialty. Took responsibility for the health of the family in their ruki. 10. Feet closed, knees and deployed. Hold up both hands and feet. Several times at the expense of 7 stretch: the heel of his right foot “crawl” on the floor ahead, and both arms extended stretch in the opposite direction. ” · Push both palms with fingertips on each other, then the entire palm of his left and right hands. Serried · palms to hold over the body, as if through the air, “ax”, hand pulling as much as possible. Second, they are responsible for their zdorove. It is useful also to facilitate the work of the heart and cleansing the skin, improving the functioning of the intestines. 6. The good is that our medicine is developing at a rapid pace, more and more drugs, good people. Nishi, a sign of short life. ” Lie on your back. 5. From him again in a pharmacy. Begin rapid oscillations from right to left like a fish to swim quickly. Feet at right angles to the body. By putting a firm pillow, neck or shaft. Myself constantly using Six rules of the health system’s health Nishi These pravila.

  • Jun 26

    Here are a few of them (those that are important to me today): 2. 3. 2. Ya identified several reasons for which we are now starting to pay more attention to their health and well-being. 9. Zanovo forms the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, legs, hands, face and neck; 2. Increases muscle mass; 2. Budu, is pleased to assist you in this difficult and requires great self-possession case, which leads us to the desired and the quick results. Uluchshaet cleansing of the body; 2. 11. Oslablyaet psychological stress; 2. 8. 12. Uluchshaet flexibility of the body; 2. 14. Saves time, money 2. This line of combines, a lot of advantages, which takes a person who uses this technique. Even some of the exercises were for me not just dostupny. 13. Izbavlyaet of fat and cellulite; 2. 10. This is due to the fact that like many before I was happy with her body shape, health. 6. However, special attention, I certainly did not show to her, like many before, “a point” in life. I attended classes at the fitness club and was very fond of the direction of Shaping, because this set of exercises quickly and easily give me alertness, more energy, vitality and well-being and satisfaction with their appearance.

  • May 23

    Nutripro contains a source of phenylalanine. What is Nutripro? Documented that Nutripro causes a rush of energy, improves mood, and thus improves the quality of life. Complete replacement of food for more than three weeks is recommended under medical supervision. WARNING! * Soybeans – the only plants that contain all the essential amino acids that make up a complete protein molecule. The diet should be 1500-1800 kcal den. Dlya or weight maintenance, replace reception 2-3 bags of food 2-3 Nutripro. Provides your body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to improve health and reduce samochuvstviya. The product also contains all necessary for good health food vitamins and mineraly. Nutripro cocktail with chocolate flavor, strawberry and vanilla Nutripro (Nutripro) helps with cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, women’s diseases, and diabetes type II, and several other disorders. For millennia, soy protein was regarded as an excellent food source. * Soy contains essential fatty acids that are part of nutrition and helps reduce cholesterol. Dlya effective weight loss all meals can be replaced with a cocktail Nutripro. At the end of the course back to step 2. Recommended low-calorie diet, including fruits and vegetables.

  • May 2

    The answer is simple – to help himself. Antioxidants. But even if we ourselves do not have to, and you do not want to change your life settled, at least, think about your children! My you live in a world that sucks us in any way from the inside and at every step. Think about etom. The horror! No matter how corny it sounds. Manic figure! You think this question is absurd? Or do you think it will always be with you Yes, unfortunately, most of us did not realize that health and wellness in our crazy world must support each den. So what do you do? Or trend in real estate…. Ot I sincerely wish you all the good-health, happiness, peace, love and long life! But how much should be invested in your body of nutrients, but not restaurant meals, you will not znaete. And is this what is 150-200 years old! They should be healthy and happy. As you may know-term price fluctuations in the stock market. Enterprises that are out there -… So far… And even something to make… And our health – here and there. I am afraid that you did not used to it delat. This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. For technology to be paid, as for rare earth elements, because these funds are then invested in new development. Mankind has learned not only to drain, to absorb, but also reproduce. And the possible children! And the worst thing – now it’s in the air, how to protect themselves? But now scientists each year, ascertain the global depletion of the earth’s soil. But increasingly, it is not so much with and “old” grazhdanami. It is not yet too late? Improvised methods. That is the most cherished triple mineral, or rather the necessary materials for our food organizma. And while it est. Be healthy and happy! But, without mayonnaise he was somehow “not at all. We export it with the cart! But for those who remember how much we throw away every day in the wind – unnecessary studs, movie tickets, tenth or third coat dress, cigarettes, booze, clubs, parties… Food… In hypermarkets in SUPER will not fit. What is the meaning of various herbs? The fact that you are NOT ZNAETE. What sense to spend money on products that do not have even a taste of what to speak about the benefits? The danger to life and health at every step. Mne interesting answer to this question: how much money you are willing to invest every day in person to you? Podcherkivayu. … Good question! How much do you, dear, spend on your health? The heart then beats you every day, and the brain also works without pereryva. And if this estimate for the whole family favorite, but multiplied by the month, the amount obtained in general – is absurd. Yes, how much money? Per day on an ultra useful drink to maintain your health? About vitamins. But they are certainly not cheap. Clarify once again – EVERY DAY!

  • Apr 20

    Who has not found a soul mate – find it! SkorpionZdorove. Etot Year of the Rabbit is quiet, life will go down to normal. Correct conclusions in the light of past mistakes will help you not to repeat them in the future. ДеваЗдоровье. In 2011, the Dragon will be dazzling and yarok. It is recommended to exercise prudence, and spend earnings from umom. Lyubov. Something to be sacrificed for the sake of “a strong rear. U Pigs – will improve things, which loosened in the past godu. But as the Serpent wise foresight and she sees her sudbu. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life. Make them indispensable companions of such qualities as the ability to listen, love to please okruzhayuschim. In place of the white tiger comes fluffy white rabbit. However, in the spring Aries should be plenty of rest, to walk in the fresh air and try not to worry over trifles avoid depressiy. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. V Rabbits seldom show their feelings openly, they have a mutual love is rare, so they very much value otnosheniyami. Beginning in 2011 will be a favorable period for members of the sign of Libra. Despite this, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle all year round, so as not to waste in vain that imeesh. Good physical condition and good health will accompany the sign of the zodiac throughout the year. 2011 for the Tiger will udachliv. And on the Persian calendar year come March 21 Yellowish red Veprya. On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. Financial condition of Taurus will improve, but slowly and постепенно. In the future, the cancers displaying any investment, whether stocks or purchase nedvizhimosti. In the family Tigers peace and prosperity. Lyubov. Kapriznuyu Rabbit Goat – waiting for blossoming business or raise at work. The dragon will be able to overcome all the obstacles this year, and in 2012 his finest hour wait! September – an opportune time to work on their projects, which, when correctly chosen strategy will bring a good return in the future. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. Especially lucky people of creative professions. So do not forget about otdyhe. Find out what it is you are prepared! Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. For the Rabbit in the love of compatible partners – Pig or Eastern beliefs Koza. In general, the Gemini will be accompanied by good health and pronounced dynamism. The mouse will work very satisfied, it will turn all that waiting is not an ideal zadumano.. It is recommended not to forget those who are near. He should learn to understand yourself and life will become easier. This year is diplomacy, hospitality, comfort and teplotu. Karera. Old relationships will be a phase of renovation and will obtain new uroven. Rabbit is very intelligent, it is said in the eastern horoscope, it will be the patron saint of all who are associated with naukoy. Radi love and attention they are willing to sacrifice, can not tolerate loneliness. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. U indecisive and timid rooster comes just a quiet year.

    Istoscheniya. Career. A kind word or a small token of help to avoid unnecessary quarrels by pustyakam. Lyubov strong. We recommend gradually make their case and not to bring the body to the nerve In order to gain strength before the next year should go to otpusk. October Scorpios make sense again experience the passion of his nature and inconsistency, confusion and duplicity. Lyubov. Vzbalmoshnaya Monkey can take on any case, success is assured. According to the Oriental calendar, February 16, 2011 A year of the Rabbit (Rabbit, Cat). Karera. The balance does not remain without attention of the opposite sex in the coming year. In order to avoid this is to understand where best to self-realization. The basis of the family – understanding and support of loved ones. Successful business acquaintances, new partners and guarantee the success of communication in this field. The coming year promises to improve the general tone of the Lions, good health and high resistance. Sobake, fair and accurate in Year of the Rabbit will be a lot of fans and new friends. The coming year promises major changes in his personal life. Beginning of the year will give Taurus a good vitality. Vzdornoy Mouse (Rat) – this year to find a true friend and a career.

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    Apr 12

    Posvoeobraznoy legend, during a friendly hug, people exchange dushevnymteplom. Around the world picked such a fun tradition of “embracing. It’s just a guess. Despite namolodoy age of the holiday, today it is difficult to find the author: unknown komuvpervye came up with this idea of? Since childhood, we remember how the tears and ran to her mother, and she hugged us. Obyatiyasoprovozhdayut us throughout life. We embrace friends and family privstreche, after separation, embrace each other to express their joy iblagodarnost. Kak claims history, this day studentykolledzhey rushed to embrace each other for no reason. And the touch of a cat or dog, or human odinakovohorosho satisfy “tactile hunger. Pediatricians and psychologists advise svoimroditelyam as often as possible to hug their little children to razvivalisumstvenno and physically. Psychologists believe that people who want to enter you in his arms, want to experience the feeling of safety, comfort and love. January 21 in the world has one of samyhneobychnyh holidays – International Hug Day (International Hug Day). Although the reason was, nearing the end of the session, which means that most of the examinations was put that thing on its own uzhesamo no joke. Netabsolyutno no difference between adult and child, that when he plohoi his hug, or just a close friend or even a stranger, then immediately drop budethot better.

    |Health Elixir

    In the course of their work, we have seen clearly realized the idea of? (Bulletin “Health Formula”) – One of the components of health. ”) – The secret to longevity? In the process, students write the essay, found the answer to the question: Why should health? (Abstract “Healthy going – all dobudesh”). While working on a project we, teachers, develop their skills in creativity and imagination, became acquainted with modern information technologies, have mastered a computer program INTEL, learned how to better work with your computer, go online and find different sources of the information. Cooperation between itself and other subgroups. Relevance – health – is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – Health – an invaluable asset not only to each person, but the entire society. And responsibility for their health. In this project, health was regarded as the main value of human life and human society. All this is useful for us to further our work with children. We learned that we do helps the health of our plans, to successfully solve basic life tasks, to overcome difficulties.

  • Apr 9

    But I recently learned about a truly unique products that do not treat the disease and restore health by eliminating the causes of many diseases. And, besides, heals and rejuvenates kozha. With him I want to begin to acquaint you with these unique produktami. In I shall try other products of the Company, as they complement each other and exert a powerful healthy effect on the body. Chto such as Holy tea? The body is cleared of nicotine and the effects of passive smoking, in addition, tea helps to refrain from kureniya. Pantry truly unlimited nature. His feature – as opposed to other herbal decoctions and infusions – it begins to operate in 2 days. These are products that contain natural ingredients and selected so as to provide the greatest benefit. Will give you the hope of a return to normal healthy life.. We learn how to use them for the benefit of his health, folk medicine treatment without resorting to chemical drugs and poisoning our bodies. We, as I said, treating illnesses medicinal plants. And now I want to share with you what I uznala. You can drink it with sugar or without it – as you like. Agree, it is quite another. Eto not dietary supplements, not chemicals. Enough to drink two cups of tea a day., in different localities it is called differently, the leaves of mallow, marshmallow drug; knikus aptechnyy. But today I want to tell you about what is possible. Stay Healthy! In this wonderful tea are medicinal plants, which are prevalent everywhere, milk thistle (or Marin thistle, thistle milk, holy thistle, etc. Vozdeystvie tea body is expressed in a soft cleansing of the body, resulting in reduced weight, reduced stomach, waist, improves sleep, increases energy, improves memory, reduces the amount of toxins in the blood.

  • Apr 8

    This is a way of life, optimism and positive thinking. Wellness means to feel good, look good, long life, be full of energy. He begins to remove the symptoms (but not the disease itself or its cause) – prescribes medications. The Chinese have a wonderful saying: get well while healthy. Beauty and youth – this is achievable? Zachastuyu run themselves, without paying attention to the first signs of illness, they simply did not reserve for itself the chances of a positive ozdorovlenie. Find answers to your questions in the NSP!! And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. No man would not dream of it. ” The Chinese traditional medicine is meant for anything, not drugs: the correct way of thinking, breathing exercises, exercises, massages, use of herbs and minerals, natural produkty. Chto is Wellness? Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. 30-40 years to a man begins to feel bad for him to have problems on the health and he goes to the doctor. Byt healthy and young – fun! There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. Mnogie people believe that if they are not in the hospital or did not take off due to illness, then they have everything in order. In the early 80s HHv. Who would not want to still be healthy? Who do you want, and so live. “We all” – is hard to neglect the signals that the body gets our attention. What does the doctor? YES! Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? BADy – is a familiar FOOD, or what to eat to be healthy for life, they need to eat every den. Wellness – English literally,” good health “. BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN. Here and tell them about BADy. ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. “Get well” in Chinese does not mean “to swallow handfuls of pills pharmacies. NSP – Your reliable guide to the world of health, happiness, success and harmony!

  • Mar 30

    She lets perspiration through the skin to take more energy than jogging pokoem. Vazhno to remember the principle of gradualism. Chasto, trying to get out of apathy with pills, we will only ruin our energy body. After inhalation can do short of breath for better absorption of oxygen. People with a strong energy is always cheerful, positive emit next to them nicely placed. Zanyatiya can start with simple walking. Krome of MirSovetov advised to allocate more time to get out into the countryside. And often, this frequency does not coincide with the natural vibrations of our energy body. But he at any time of year, even in the bitter cold, unable to walk barefoot in some shortah. Natural emission of green plants positively affects our plasma, and hence on mental health. Escape from their influence is almost impossible. There is a movement of charged particles constituting the plasma from a region with high temperatures in attack with decreasing temperature. While running your body acts like a motor. This procedure is great to stimulate the circulatory system, activates the receptor and, of course, has a positive effect on psychological health – you will immediately feel the rise nastroeniya. Izluchenie elektronikiSovremenny life surrounded us with a number of technical devices, which emit an electric field of a certain frequency. Vo while running man does not spend, and draws energy from the environment. And after them – carefully rub the skin dry. Should be alternated for a short exposure of cold water with a longer warm reception. The exhalation should be done in reverse order, the breath should be unhurried. And with new powers to take on new projects. Proper breathing will make you even more harmonious person both physically and psihologicheski. People with weakened field feel sluggish and neuverenno.

  • Jan 27

    Even the birth of a child made me just not exhausted. Tip 2. Many women are surprised by counting how many cups of sweet coffee drink per day for just kompaniyu. No bread, no fat, no potatoes and buckwheat. Not competing with the independents in its consumption, reduce the proportion of protein and starchy food in a zeleni. That may be so, because it can not be that, if I had something but was not. And all a matter of principle: eat less, drink more and more dvigatsya. And quietly, seemingly without reason I moved out of tight jeans in the increasingly prostornye. If your weight is 70 kg, this means that you need more than 2 liters of water per day. On a diet does not sit on it live. Stable results are achieved only regulyarnostyu. More syrogoSmestim proportion in a simple and useful: less processed more crude, less fried more baked, boiled, steamed. But live mostly greens. But at least reduce the damage to a minimum. ” Embody the principle of life following tips will help. Sovet 9. Even a banana, even though he had a high-calorie. Every day of my life! You can roast potatoes! But time did not stop me too. So it should not remove fat, and lack of culture! Eto laws can not be violated, not to harm sebe. Povtoryu, it must abide by “in life” and not “before the holidays. And the main feature is the lack of culture more than they need for life. Because spending a crazy amount of calories for hard labor. Breakfast, lunch, uzhinBudem at least strive for regularity. The man, of course, is omnivorous. As today almost all the citizens overeat, it’s only u. Oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, soup for lunch, yogurt for lunch, fish and salad for dinner and warm milk or tea with honey for the clock to sleep Well this is poetry, not diet! You can chop! If you want to eat, our first step to drink a glass of water. A health harms are inconsistent and chaotic. But what and how much? And live fully, not surviving, and bring their health benefit, not harm. Eto what you eat every day. Tea, soup, oranges, beer not included. Sovet 8. Zakon 1. I thought, revered and has developed a system of “every day”. We often take the thirst for hunger. Russian peasants were eating porridge and bread, washed down with milk, and obesity did not suffer. But closer still to the apes than to the amplitude and the wolves. Yes, it will fall in love! We need to live a little, we do not plow the land. They helped me 3-4 months to get rid of 10 kg and with no additional effort to maintain the result. Food, which we want to live life, be full and balanced. They do not saturate the cloth with water. ” Act 3. But do not roll or sandwich, and fruits and vegetables.

  • Jan 22

    4. It’s better to drink a course of dietary supplements “KROHATSINK”, and then take up the KROHAFERIN, or do naoborot. The child increases fatigue, reduced immunity, increased risk of acute infections. For the prevention of various diseases associated with deficiency of calcium, it is recommended to use a biologically active additive KROHAKALTSIN. The life path of each human being begins with infancy. Strong removal of calcium from the body make coffee and cola. Biologicheskie supplements Mites will give your child’s health, and you – joy! It enhances immunity, physical strength and endurance, and increases the resistance of children to infectious zabolevaniyam. However, we note that even high-quality products have lost their usefulness. Deficiency of calcium can lead to rickets, and many other serious diseases, it can also cause improper posture, flat feet, bundle of nails, early tooth decay. If a child is sick, it’s a problem and even injury to all family members. 3. Technology Center offers rejuvenating use only Russian biologically active additives crumbs, created specifically for detey. KROHATsINKIzvestno that without zinc can not be a normal child development, both mental and physical. KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child. On how the baby eats today will depend on his health tomorrow. At the same time it is at an early age it occurs most often. KROHAYODIN – an excellent source of iodine. All this suggests that children like adults, need dietary supplements. 1. However, it is not recommended in the same day and use KROHATSINK KROHAFERIN, since the combination of these two elements, none of them is not absorbed by the body. KROHAYODINYod is an essential element on which it depends how the thyroid gland. KROHAFERINDefitsit iron is very dangerous for children.

  • Jan 13

    This procedure allows to reduce the pressure in the abdominal area, weight, eliminate parasites and improve intestinal motility and to eliminate constipation. Breathing – this is life. To cleanse the body need to rest the digestive system. This is an old technique of nasal lavage (Ayurveda). Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles. Make a regular habit of fasting. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. Think of purchasing a new mattress. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. But the resourceful mom made me with a syringe. New soft mattresses (the ones that take the form of the human body, at the expense of memoriksa – a material with “memory effect”, foam rubber) will help you enjoy a night’s sleep in full. Try shestisekundnoe breathing: inhale for 3 seconds, 3 seconds exhalation. On the Internet there are many articles about how to help you lose weight and stay fit. 4. This shoe gives the feeling of walking on sand or soft moss. Walking Tai Chi. What if you want to change your everyday life? When you cleanse your skin, you help your lymph system cleanse itself of toxins that gather in the lymph nodes. Buy Orthopedic Shoes Masai. The fact that we are physiologically adapted to walking long distances. Plants have a huge advantage. Walking Tai Chi teaches you how to gain energy with each step. Short and long positions can improve the health, body cleansing and rejuvenating it. Poor posture leads to not enough deep breathing, pain in back and neck, poor circulation of energy of the body. Most of the time we spend walking, not running. This helps to prevent respiratory infections, relieve allergies. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. When the body does not use much energy on digestion, it can be used for recovery or treatment. If you do not plant in the workplace, put a couple.