• Dec 29

    Energeticheskie beverages must be carefully selected because of the strong components in nih. VERVE unique product that in its composition contains VEMMA with its properties + some unique components! Chego not say about others… Who operate for one hour. Lyudi can not believe that good for the body can be so sweet to vkus. ” Verve can sell at retail, which means that all clubs and all the kiosks can use this unique opportunity – to make with VERVE! It is not difficult to see that well-known energy drinks such as Monster, RedBull, Amp and not intended to support zdorovya. Taste fantastic! Poprobuyte Verve – healthy energy drink! Verve – it’s incredibly healthy product, in addition, without sahara. S. Most of these drinks are not considered useful for zdorovya., Becoming a distributor! S. Home and obvious benefit of energy drinks – energy. RibozaVERVE selected product in the U. Verve – a source of trace minerals, which are in ionic forme. Что part of the Verve?

  • Dec 5

    Is the mind is not a natural guardian of the body? From kindergarten to school, from college to the office and beyond – tension is becoming stronger. Do not let the thought that you may not be the master of his own life. Hidden within us the divine healing for many diseases that we suffer. We need health, not just in power. These people make their living in the great affairs. Diseases of the need to resist it on principle. The greatest long-lived men and women – people who have achieved higher mental and moral development. Firmly declares his superiority over bodily ills. Willpower gives the body vitality. The winners in life’s race will be the people of our time, able to cope with the pressure on their mind, generated by the competition. These people belonged to Franklin, who is seventy years went hiking on nature. Health – a requirement of our time, one of the conditions for success in life. It is difficult to assume that the Creator gave all mankind at the mercy of a half-dozen drugs, in which we can be sure. We should never tell people that we are sick and do not consider themselves sick. Every doctor knows that courageous people with firm will have two times less likely to catch infectious disease compared to the timid and indecisive people. Top prizes of life accrue to the people, full of strength and vitality.

  • Nov 8

    Dirty air, dirty water, dirty food, dirty money and even dirty words. The world is too big and too dirty. Think about it! Therefore, we proclaim that life – an absolute value. This – our practical purpose. Therefore, our philosophy is and international name – Whole Health Option. On the contrary, humanity stubbornly moving in the opposite direction. An informed choice. ) Times, two times smaller than the inherent nature! Davayte frankly ask ourselves, can we change this? It is the philosophy of WHO. A thousand? How many books can people read for your life? To bring this philosophy to millions, create a new culture of health – our missiya. It is an indisputable fact. That persistent small steps of trial and error, the giant leaps of outstanding scientific discoveries came to knowledge. Where the answer to this question? The whole world has become a common information space. This is two (! And it’s hard to say which contributed more to science. But why then do we talk about his beautiful philosophy, as to live well, live long and honestly, which means – we want to live a happy life now, in this life. But by itself the amount of knowledge – yet only half the battle.

  • Oct 22

    Especially useful for those who spend a lot of time on the computer. Men too can join our conversation – because our main concern for you and the children. Vtorye doing morning exercises, jog, interested in how to eat, drink vitamins, fitness, spa salons, steam baths, walk with the children in pohody. · Place hands under the cervical vertebrae, elbows bent. And I am very grateful to myself for having gone to the latter course. Serried · palms to hold over the body, as if through the air, “ax”, hand pulling as much as possible. Feet closed, knees and deployed. 2. The first rule of health. The bad is that patients are not less stanovitsya. Pervye hope for a miracle drug, and the latter knows that the best assistant to the body – the immune system. 6. Exercise “Golden Fish”. It is useful also to facilitate the work of the heart and cleansing the skin, improving the functioning of the intestines. Exercise “stop closure and the palms. Solid cushion treats brain sosudov. Nishi, a sign of short life. From it to the pharmacy, then back to the doctor is another specialty. V world there are only two types of people. · Hands with palms tightly serried extend to its full length to throw over his head, then draw them slowly over the face to the waist, as if cutting the body in half, then the bottom up, from the pubis to the navel. · Moving with closed hands and feet at the same time forward – backward as if to stretch the spine. Second, they are responsible for their zdorove. The second rule of health. Firm pillow in the form of a roller. Kak says an old Russian proverb, “A healthy body – healthy mind! Begin rapid oscillations from right to left like a fish to swim quickly. 5. Sit on the floor on his knees, hips or on the heels of “Turkish”. “So they often ulybayutsya. 3 atherosclerosis. Neskolko years ago me and my husband had a whole bunch of problems on your health. Hold up both hands and feet. ” Lie on your back. By putting a firm pillow, neck or shaft. The first think that the answer to their health doctors and the state. A stunning effect to correct posture. Several times at the expense of 7 stretch: the heel of his right foot “crawl” on the floor ahead, and both arms extended stretch in the opposite direction. It is also useful for the cervical spine. Took responsibility for the health of the family in their ruki. Exercise improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, colon kishechnika. In position “lying lotus. Lie on your back. Whole body to cuddle up to the floor. Teach your children to do this exercise, do it with them. The curved neck, according to K. Ladies – it depends on you whether your loved ones healthy and happy.

  • Sep 22

    For example, the environmental impact on the relations between man and microbes can refer to the reports of environmentalists: it turns out, is well known Staphylococcus aureus is becoming more evil (more virulent) in areas with industrial pollution. And in terms of dry matter up to 80% of the intestinal contents. Due to the steady growth of cancers of particular interest is the total kantseroliticheskaya protective reaction of the organism, ie, lysis of “foreign” cells. None of the chemical product does not make it as safe and effective! Okruzhayuschaya external environment inhabited by various species of microorganisms. The total mass of microorganisms that live in the intestines, is 3-5 kg. This has important functional significance: lactobacilli inhabiting the intestinal mucosa, pose on the surface of an environment conducive for growth and reproduction bifidoflory. Last 50 years – a period of particularly dire environmental degradation. Interaction between humans and microbes began when a man appeared on Earth. Useful microflora produce vitamins for us, – a synthesis of vitamin K, Groups B, C, folic and nicotinic acid. Some of them are useful and even necessary. Let us consider the effect of beneficial microflora in women’s health, and what happens when the healthy microflora little or none at all. And its absence is extremely dangerous. Thus, the useful microflora is useful by itself. Time goes on, changing the environment, not in the best man for the party.

  • Sep 21

    The magnets in the treatment and prophylaxis was used by the ancient Greeks. – Increases the body’s resistance to impact zabolevaniyam. This is a real pleasure for body and soul! Kompleksnoe organizm. He also has an effect on the immune system, therefore, a drug in Japan, “Germanium – 132? 23 karat gold, the exclusive design and the full power of modern technology, normalize organ and wearing bracelets sistem. What you have now on your wrist? But the wrist – the traditional place for ukrasheniy. Match with jewelry for body and soul – a bracelet QuadrActiv. Magnitnye inserts (black) magnetic inserts in the bracelet Vision QuadrActiv create a constant magnetic field which acts on biologically active points. Human wrist – important for the health area, where the biologically active points. Zolotye bracelets, of course, attracted the attention of others, but does not work on acupressure points. In the car? – normalizes pressure, removing vascular spasms and increasing the efficiency of heart. For your information, the most sensitive to oxygen deficiency central nervous system, cardiac muscle, kidney and liver tissue. And in the office? – improves sleep, increasing the level of the evening “sleep hormone” serotonin. Braslet Vision QuadrActiv consists of 4 types of active inserts – they give it an original look and have an impact on biologically active points zapyastya. Regulyarnoe Vision QuadrActiv: – Improves performance and stamina, due to the higher oxygen saturation.

  • May 17

    But everywhere scurrying young, healthy people, near the cottages were expensive cars. Excellent natural conditions, wonderful staff, comfortable cottages – all this created the conditions for successful treatment. Civilians do not understand everything, why officers leave lasts for 45 days without a road, why retiree receives a pension much more civil pensioners. Mukhin, V. Now it all comes into oblivion. Savchenko, did not serve in the army, and yet… Eternal Memory. On the bank of the Donets glittering jewel of his native land Svyatogorsk Lavra. Homeland repay her sons as she could. Work they have been honorable, but instead demanded a full commitment, including health. And the cure all? Created for the military hospitals, sanatoriums in the best locations and resorts. My classmates Malgicheva S. Serving in the army did not give me the opportunity to combine service with a normal rest. Only a year later, I realized that I was losing my health for years, and I want to recover in a few months. A very simple. Range of pine forests, still comfortably in the hospital and in buildings. When I arrived at the hospital this year, I saw a very different picture. No, nature has not changed. Everything turned out differently. But among those treated at the hospital I saw the Great Patriotic War Veterans. In fact, my whole life was not conducive to good health.

  • Apr 21

    And in the twentieth century the concept of health finds its current definition, which is essential for today’s modern Secret den. In the middle of the XIX century, researchers seek to expand the complex state of health on the constituent elements – the spiritual and social. These publications are preserved very old and very new ideas about the essence of health. Naturalness and unnaturalness of health disease. Such work will undoubtedly be useful because they give an idea of?? Researchers are trying to distinguish the condition of the body on the degree of ordering of its systems and functions. But it is important to consider not only their own views, but also to investigate the sequence in which they are expressed. Doctors say – take care of health. In some studies expression of the essence of health and illness are classified, grouped by similar characteristics. Definitions of health and illness are borrowed mainly from the encyclopedic dictionaries. At the end of XVIII century was considered the natural state of health of the organism, and disease – unnatural. Their ideas are striking in their depth, dialectical. In the first half of the XIX century restored the idea of? But it remains unclear what counts as both.?? Priobresti 24 Karat is not so slozhno.

  • Mar 20

    If a child is sick, it’s a problem and even injury to all family members. All this suggests that children like adults, need dietary supplements. Self-iodine in the body can not produce, you can get it only with food. That concern, warmth, love, and of course health that parents give their children in the future play a decisive role in the formation of a mature man. KROHATsINKIzvestno that without zinc can not be a normal child development, both mental and physical. KROHAYODINYod is an essential element on which it depends how the thyroid gland. It takes into account the individual needs of the child’s body in this important elemente. It enhances immunity, physical strength and endurance, and increases the resistance of children to infectious zabolevaniyam. Biologicheskie supplements Mites will give your child’s health, and you – joy! At the same time it is at an early age it occurs most often. It’s better to drink a course of dietary supplements “KROHATSINK”, and then take up the KROHAFERIN, or do naoborot. He can often be in a bad mood, to respond to all irritable. For the prevention of various diseases associated with deficiency of calcium, it is recommended to use a biologically active additive KROHAKALTSIN. On how the baby eats today will depend on his health tomorrow. After all, it helps to grow the organism was not firmly established. Hence, in order to have good health, little man need a special family of biologically active dobavki. Strong removal of calcium from the body make coffee and cola. Meanwhile, the kid he can not determine what it needs to be healthy. KROHAKALTsINKaltsy – an essential element for the child. 4. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, essential for every child, and has a positive effect on brain development, as well as effective in reducing pamyati. KROHAFERINDefitsit iron is very dangerous for children. An excellent supplier of iron to the body of the child is a dietary supplement KROHAFERIN, which provides a very high absorption of this element.

  • Mar 11

    My you live in a world that sucks us in any way from the inside and at every step. Everyone wants the best for their detkam. And the cucumber was the smell! This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. In his health, his well-being, in their performance in the future, in my fancy, old age, if you want? Per day on an ultra useful drink to maintain your health? Ya love fresh salad. But they are certainly not cheap. A do not know because you are not accustomed to doing it. Iz Pocono centuries our Earth nurtures us. Vitaminy. And with that you can not disagree. And to do it every day! And is this what is 150-200 years old! The danger to life and health at every step. But how much should be invested in your body of nutrients, but not restaurant meals, you will not znaete. Enterprises that are out there -… So far… And even something to make… And our health – here and there. As you may know-term price fluctuations in the stock market. The horror! … Good question! Old men sit in the queue, hoping to get free medicine, which, alas, always there! While you are free to move, while the doctors did not want to cut off a piece of you? But, without mayonnaise he was somehow “not at all. Yes, today we are not spared. A how would you like? So you can still find 135 rubles. But now scientists each year, ascertain the global depletion of the earth’s soil. We export it with the cart! And while it est. That is the most cherished triple mineral, or rather the necessary materials for our food organizma. And the worst thing – now it’s in the air, how to protect themselves? Our clinic has long we do not treat, but only eliminate the symptoms. As long as you have it? What sense to spend money on products that do not have even a taste of what to speak about the benefits? We have already sucked out of it all. Minerals. In a certain sense. Be healthy and happy! Is not it? What is the meaning of various herbs? They should be healthy and happy. BOLShINSTVO people did not attach any importance to this. And not so long ago we bought tomatoes that had a taste. How much do you, dear, spend on your health? Already it is no secret that pharmacy – one of the most promising businesses. Who collects the grass hereditary, who teaches from the TV screen to brew potions pharmacy on the lunar calendar… Well, if you go without food will not be offered, or something pohuzhe.

  • Feb 4

    Once he had with music to calm an angry man who threatened to set fire to the house. But the discordant music can even harm your health. Properly chosen harmonious melodies heal, soothe. Prislushaytes to myself: what kind of music I would like to hear right now. “Largo” from “Winter” (”Four Seasons”). ”) Antonio Vivaldi: 1. Wave energy musical sounds normalizes cardiac and respiratory rhythm, blood pressure, temperature, soothes and helps heal. Frederic Chopin: Nocturnes. Subject influence of music on human health is inexhaustible. Good music has a positive impact not only on humans but on animals. Vibrates every cell, every atom. “Largo” from Concerto for Flute minor. Clarinet improves the blood vessels, the flute has a positive effect on the lungs and bronchi, and the tube is effective in radiculitis and neuritis. – gastritis listen “Sonata № 7? All the best, and to meet. There, the term “Mozart effect” introduced by U. 2. It has long been known that music is a fantastic way to relax and helps you fall asleep. – With a stomach ulcer – “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky. On the relationship between music and health is well known for a long time. Kolokolny rapidly kills pathogens of many dangerous diseases. Studies have shown that soothe and tone in a sleepy state of music, which is somewhat slower pace than a heartbeat. The heavy rhythm, dissonance, ultra-and infrasound – it all affects the physical health and psyche. Beethoven. Pythagoras wrote the music to certain rhythms and melodies for the treatment and rehabilitation of mental harmony. Other – pop music, the amount of milk they were halved. Spouse silent. S. No and hormonal system, blood pressure and immune system are also able to experience the beneficial effects of properly chosen music. Music can alter blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and depth of breathing: a harmonious leads to normal, inharmonious destroys. Deystvie music on the psyche and the body have long been studied in detail. Why not try to pull themselves out of a depressive mood, forcing myself to sing? ) Musical compositions, especially suitable for relaxation and sleep: Johann Sebastian Bach: 1. – To encourage the creative process – “March” Dunaevsky from the film “Circus”, “Bolero” by Ravel, “Sabre Dance” Khachaturian. – normalizes sleep suite “Peer Gynt” Griga. – Fatigue help to overcome the “Morning” by Grieg, song “Evening Bells,” “Seasons” by Tchaikovsky. Wizard of Mozart activates mental activity. – Relaxing the action has “Waltz” by Shostakovich from the film “The Gadfly” Romance of the music for the film Sviridov “Snowstorm”. If you do not go, do not get a job and everything falls out of the hands – let’s go by contradiction, ie, sing even through categorical “no wish” – it will help align the mood to deal with irritation, and then and it will go better and do it! – Remove the stress and focus – listen to Schubert, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Schumann. Some moms listen to classical music, their milk supply has increased by 20 percent. Medical science has established that stringed instruments are most effective in diseases of the heart. George Frideric Handel: 1. The same goes for meditation and solitary reflection. “Largo” from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra № 5 in F minor.

  • Jan 7

    But the semi-fraught many dangers for the human body! But what happens when you do not like your own reflection in the mirror? Many women start to buy all sorts of expensive creams, masks, and spend quite a tidy sum of money in the shops and beauty parlors, not realizing that the cause of their health. ”, I want to feed their families quickly and flop on the couch. Each representative of the fairer sex knows about it! And it is very sad! The main thing to emphasize its advantages! All a child knows that smoking is bad and yet, women – expectant mothers that abused. This adversely affects both the reproductive health of women, and on her appearance! Become brittle nails or hair fall out? Uvidev, men are unlikely to pass by, but at least smile, look after her. But the beauty of women – is, first of all, her state of health. Alcohol is the greatest danger to the female organism, because they’re weaker and quickly gets used to this harmful habit. Less nervous, more rest on the nature and Exercise dear women! Any woman always wants to be a charming, attractive, radiate vitality! We should not forget about the dangers of half-finished. Women who smoke appear over time, earthy complexion, darkened teeth, there is bad breath. Be always welcome and loved. And, above all, in order to draw the attention of handsome men, cause envy and admiration of colleagues and a captivating beauty podrug. And it does not look at their 35.