• The influence of sex on health

    Many people think of sex as a source of pleasure and satisfaction of their basic needs. They do not even mean that sex is inextricably linked to human health. This is expressed in such terms as “sexy health.” Sexual health is enough broad concept, which means respect for his foreign and sexuality, ability to receive pleasure from sexual intercourse and knowledge of their rights in sexy otnosheniy. Seksualnoe health is laid in early childhood, the first child voprostsa “What is sex? “” Why, I kid, but Dasha – a girl? “” How clutching children? “. At this time, the ancestors must be especially polite and answer all voprostsy baby. It is important to give a positive example, what would the baby formed a positive experience on the relationship between men and women. To the measure of how children grow, parents need to provide them with information about sexually transmitted diseases and the method of how to protect yourself and your own partner from unwanted beremennosti. Seks in the life of men and ladies to occupy a dominant position in terms of their immediate gratification of desires and needs. Already have long shown that people who regularly come into any sexual contact, are long lived. Sex and appropriately affects the health of the heart and blood vessels, improves location, reduces weight, reduces the risk of colds, improves the position of the bladder. In addition to this, the men who have 2-3 times a week sex, improves prostate kandaly. Takim way sex has unique curative and healing characteristics for all ages and genders.


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